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Torchlight Infinite build guide

Ensure your Torchlight Infinite build packs a punch with this guide, explaining important features like skills and equipment, and tips for every character.

Custom image for Torchlight Infinite Build with a age character on-screen holding a staff

If you’re looking for a little help putting together a game-winning Torchlight Infinite build, we’re here to help. We’ve put hours into this ARPG battler to figure out the best approach for each class in terms of build, with tips for new players and seasoned veterans. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

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Torchlight Infinite build

There are multiple important categories to consider when choosing a Torchlight Infinite build for your character and their class.

Torchlight Infinite skills

Skills are the most important part of any build and dictate how your character’s gameplay feels. As you progress through the game you unlock more skills, expanding your kit and evolving your combat abilities.

Naturally, some skills are stronger than others, but the most important part of creating your build is ensuring that it’s catered to your personal playstyle and preferences. You can change your skills later in the game, so don’t be afraid to try something new, and get rid of skills that you don’t enjoy or rarely use. A statistically weaker skill that you use all the time is still going to do more damage than a strong skill that you never touch.

Torchlight Infinite talents

Talents offer flat bonuses to your stats. Check out the in-game overview to see what each tree specialises in bonus-wise, then focus on the one that best suits your character’s strengths.

Torchlight Infinite traits

At certain level milestones, you get the option to pick up new traits. You usually have one or two options, which are specifically tailored towards different playstyles. It’s usually pretty simple to see which is the most relevant to your current build, but don’t worry if you need to change them later – you can do this at any point.

Torchlight Infinite equipment

As you can likely guess, Torchlight Infinite equipment is equipable gear that offers increased stats and unique stat bonuses to benefit your character and playstyle. Equipment can buff all sorts of things, from increasing your health to offering a boost to your minion damage. You can get new equipment from enemy drops or by crafting it.

Torchlight Infinite builds for each class

Here, we list each of the classes and characters, along with their general role and what you should aim for when building them.

Torchlight: Infinite build - Torchlight Infinite berserker Rehan wielding a large sword

Torchlight Infinite berserker build

The Torchlight Infinite berserker character, Rehan, is a perfect pick for those of you looking to get right in the middle of the action. As a melee warrior, he wields a huge weapon and excels at getting up close and personal with his enemies, especially with his Whirlwind skills, which convert all of his damage to fire.

When creating your berserker Torchlight Infinitebuild, you want to focus on increasing his fire and attack damage, as well as adding a bit of take life and life regeneration into the mix, so he can easily out-survive his opponents.

Torchlight: Infinite build - Torchlight Infinite commander Moto with his weapon over his shoulder

Torchlight Infinite commander build

The Torchlight Infinite commander, Moto, is a powerful dwarven hero who summons minions to do his dirty work. He’s capable of dealing a lot of damage through his little pals, while also remaining at a safe distance from the heat of battle, making him a pretty strong choice in most situations.

When creating your Torchlight Infinite commander build, you should focus on summon damage and speed, spell damage, health, and resistance. With those key elements, you can unleash some real devastation on your opponents.

Torchlight: Infinite build - Divineshot Carino holding a gun and looking over his shoulder

Torchlight Infinite divineshot build

Carino is Torchlight Infinite’s divineshot character. As the game’s classic ranged character, Carino uses bows and guns to dish out heaps of damage from afar.

For a strong build that scales well into the late game, we recommend going for lightning shot. Combine that with some handy support skills, along with damage, mana restoration, and life regeneration talents, and you’ll have no trouble shooting down your foes.

Torchlight: Infinite build - Spacetime Witness Youga holding a staff over his shoulders

Torchlight Infinite spacetime witness build

Torchlight Infinite’s spacetime witness is called Youga. He’s a spellcaster with the ability to manipulate time. Youga’s kit is pretty unique, and you can play him in a few different ways, but he’s pretty tricky to get the swing of. Theoretically, the best stats to buff for him are damage over time, flat damage, and erosion damage, along with energy shield recharge to keep him protected.

However, with a kit as complex and nuanced as his, you really need to experiment and find a build that suits the skills you pick. Ou advice is to try out some different options before landing on your preferred build

Torchlight: Infinite build - Frostfire Gemma with her hair flowing behind her and an orb of energy in her hand

Torchlight Infinite frostfire build

Fierce, frosty lady Gemma is Torchlight Infinite’s frostfire character, who blasts away her enemies with powerful elemental attacks. Gemma harnesses either frost, fire, or a combination of both, which she then uses to proc her high-impact passive skill.

With a range of single target and AoE skills, she’s extremely flexible with massive damage potential. When building Gemma, you should focus on increasing your elemental and spell damage, then put some points into the ranger talent tree to boost your crit.

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