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Twisted Wonderland birthdays - dates and showcase events

Thanks to our handy Twisted Wonderland birthdays guide, including all of the boys' star signs, and birthday showcases, you can keep track of those special days.

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If you’re trying to keep track of all the Twisted Wonderland birthdays, we’re here to help. It’s no use having a long list of handsome husbandos if you can’t treat them once a year, and with our list, you never have to miss a special day again. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for those all-important dates.

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Twisted Wonderland birthday chart

Here are all the Twisted Wonderland birthdays, along with the characters’ star signs and dorms. They occur all throughout the year, so be sure to make a note.

Character Birthday House Star sign
Lilia Vanrouge January 1 Diasomnia dorm Capricorn
Malleus Draconia January 18 Diasomnia dorm Capricorn
Cater Diamond February 4 Heartslabyl dorm Aquarius 
Azul Ashengrotto February 24 Octavinelle dorm Pisces
Sebek Zigvolt March 17 Diasomnia dorm Pisces
Vil Schoenheit April 9 Pomefiore dorm Aries
Ruggie Bucchi April 18 Savanaclaw dorm Aries
Epel Felmier May 6 Pomefiore dorm Taurus
Silver May 15 Diasomnia dorm Taurus
Deuce Spade June 3 Heartslabyl dorm Gemini
Kalim Al-Asmin June 25 Scarabia dorm Cancer
Leona Kingscholar July 27 Savanaclaw dorm Leo
Ortho Shroud August 14 Ignihyde dorm Leo
Riddle Rosehearts August 24 Heartslabyl dorm Virgo
Jamil Viper September 12 Scarabia dorm Virgo
Ace Trappola September 23 Heartslabyl dorm Libra
Jack Howl October 11 Savanaclaw dorm Libra
Trey Clover October 25 Heartslabyl dorm Scorpio 
Jade Leech  November 5 Octavinelle dorm Scorpio
Floyd Leech November 5 Octavinelle dorm Scorpio
Rook Hunt December 2 Pomefiore dorm Sagittarius 
Idia Shroud December 18 Ignihyde dorm Sagittarius

What is a Twisted Wonderland birthday showcase?

A Twisted Wonderland birthday showcase is a limited-time event, intended to celebrate the birthday of the featured character. During the birthday showcase, you have a chance of pulling a special SSR Birthday Boy card, with the same rates as other featured cards. Your 100th pull on the Birthday Showcase is guaranteed to be the limited birthday card, if you haven’t already got it by then. You also gain access to a special birthday story for the featured boy during the event.

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There you have it, our Twisted Wonderland birthdays guide. While you’re here, why not gift yourself some in-game goodies with our Coin Master free spins and free Monopoly Go dice guides?