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Love and Deepspace banner guide

Keep on top of the current and next Love and Deepspace banner as we guide you through the pity system, standard banner, drop rates, and more.

Love and Deepspace banner - artwork from one of Xavier's memories, showing him playing Kitty Cards with the protagonist as small cats climb all over him

As a member of the UNICORNS, keeping on top of the current and next Love and Deepspace banner is important. With the help of this guide, you can keep on top of all the new five-star memories and when to grab them, learn how the pity system works, and more, so you can be sure to save those hard-earned wishes for only the sweetest (or spiciest) memories of your favorite husbando.

Keep in mind that the LnD banner changes roughly once a week, so you should bookmark this page if you want to keep up to date. Either way, if you’re trying to snap up all the memories for any of the Love and Deepspace characters, you’re going to need a lot of diamonds. But never fear, we can help there too, as we’ve got a list of all the new Love and Deepspace codes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the current and next Love and Deepspace banner.

A screenshot from the Xavier memory Unique Aftertaste showing him smiling and holding up a Pocky-like snack

Current Love and Deepspace banner

The current Love and Deepspace banner is When Tides Echo, and features the new five-star memories, [Rafayel: Temple’s Sunset] and [Rafayel: Temple’s Promise]. The banner runs from April 3 at 5 AM to April 17 at 4:59 AM (server time). You can find out more in this official tweet.

Next Love and Deepspace banner

InFold hasn’t announced the next Love and Deepspace banner just yet. Check back later, as we’ll add new info here as soon as it drops. In the meantime, keep an eye on the official Love and Deepspace Twitter account to get all the latest updates and info.

Love and Deepspace banner - artwork from one of Rafayel's memories, showing him wrapping his arm around the protagonist and raising his blade as they're surrounded in red light

What’s the standard Love and Deepspace banner?

The standard Love and Deepspace banner, Xspace Echo, features a set pool of five-star, four-star, and three-star memories that don’t change. You pull on this banner using Empyrean Wishes, which you can purchase from the store using different currencies or earn as rewards through set tasks in the game.

The standard pool includes a wide variety of memories to pull, as follows:

  • 54 three-star memories (18 Zayne, 18 Xavier, and 18 Rafayel)
  • 54 three-star memories (18 Zayne, 18 Xavier, and 18 Rafayel)
  • 15 five-star memories (five Zayne, five Xavier, and five Rafayel)

The five-star memories available on the standard are:

  • Xavier: Lightseeking Obsession
  • Xavier: Lightseeking Shadowrend
  • Xavier: Fragment of Time
  • Xavier: Fluffy Trap
  • Xavier: Precious Bonfire
  • Zayne: Cosy Afternoon
  • Zayne: Promise Everlasting
  • Zayne: Forever Sealed
  • Zayne: Business Trip
  • Zayne: Gentle Twilight
  • Rafayel: Before Sunrise
  • Rafayel: Deep Sea Promise
  • Rafayel: Deep Sea Riches
  • Rafayel: Your Fragrance
  • Rafayel: Blossoms

When you unlock a four- or five-star memory, not only can you upgrade it and use it in battle, but you also unlock a corresponding date, which can come in the form of an audio clip or a short interactive story.

To see the rest of the standard banner pool of memories, go to the wish menu in-game and tap on the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Love and Deepspace banner - art from one of Zayne's memories, showing him summoning an ice weapon in battle

How does Love and Deepspace banner pity work?

As with other gacha games, Love and Deepspace has a pity system that ensures you get a four- or five-star memory within a certain amount of pulls. However, we know that pity systems can be a little confusing, so we’re here to break it down for you.

Normal banner pity

On the Xspace Echo normal banner, there’s a pretty simple pity system. You’re guaranteed to get at least one four-star memory every ten pulls, and one five-star memory every 70 pulls. You can see how many pulls are left before your guaranteed five-star on the main wish screen. Your pity counter resets after you pull a five-star.

It also appears that there’s a soft pity system at play, where your chances of pulling a five-star memory increase the closer you get to 70 pulls. However, we don’t have enough data or any confirmation to know for sure.

Limited banner pity

Limited banner pity works in a similar way to standard banner pity, but with a few extra rules. You’re guaranteed to get at least one four-star memory every ten pulls, and one five-star memory every 70 pulls. When you get pull a five-star memory on the limited banner, there’s a 75% chance that it will be one of the featured memories.

If you don’t pull one of the featured five-star memories on your first attempt, your next five-star memory is guaranteed to be a featured one. Additionally, if a limited banner features more than one memory, you can use the precise wish system to select one of the five-star memories exclusive to the event. If your first five-star is not the one you selected with the precise wish, then the next five-star memory is guaranteed to be your selected one.

After you obtain the selected five-star memory, precise wish remains effective. You can continue with your current precise wish choice or manually switch to select a different event memory. You can read more about this system through the in-game rule page.

Finally, note that all limited-time wish pools share one pity system. This means that your pity does carry over from one limited banner to another, and the pity count will apply to the new limited wish pools when a new banner starts. So, if you have 25 pulls left until your guaranteed five-star when a banner ends, you will start the next banner with 25 pulls left until your guaranteed five-star.

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How do I get more Love and Deepspace wishes?

Wishes are the tickets that you use to pull on Love and Deepspace banners. The standard banner requires empyrean wishes, whereas the limited banner requires deepspace wishes. Both empyrean and deepspace wishes cost 150 diamonds in the item shop.

Beyond that, you can purchase empyean wishes using a few different currencies you gain throughout the game, and certain challenges and missions reward you with a few empyrean wishes.

In terms of deepspace wishes, you can purchase more through premium packs that cost real money, including limited-time, discounted packs containing limited deepspace wishes, which convert to standard empyrean wishes at the end of the current banner.

That’s everything we’ve got on the current and upcoming Love and Deepspace banners for now. If you’re happy keeping your head among the stars, check out our Honkai Star Rail banners and Honkai Star Rail codes guides. Or, for more romance, head over to our list of the best otome games or the best dating games.