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Undead World tier list - every hero ranked by type, and all faction bonuses

Overthrow the zombie scourge with our Undead World tier list

Undead World tier list; four heroes surrounded in light

Undead World is a survival RPG strategy game with a mixture of simple, yet rewarding, progression, engaging strategy, and a unique art style. Gather a squad of powerful heroes, kit them out, and go head-to-head with hordes of zombies – it’s up to you to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

But who deserves the coveted spot on your team? Well, in our Undead World tier list, we’ll tell you who’s currently topping the tables for each hero type, including AoE, melee, ranged, support, and tank, so you can choose who’s best for you. We’ll also go into factional synergies, and how to use them to your advantage. Keep in mind that the game is still quite new, so this tier list is subject to change. Be sure to check back occasionally, as we’ll update the ranks as new information or updates come out.

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Undead World Factions and bonuses

There are lots of different Undead World factions each with their own personality types and viewpoints. There are times in the game where picking characters from a specific faction is integral to progressing, equipping certain items, or unlocking certain buffs, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on these.

Undead World factions also have specific bonuses when teamed up in certain ways. You’ll gain a +20% damage increase if you pair up the following:

  • Blue Banshees with Hive
  • Hive with Collegium
  • Collegium with Sugar Reapers
  • Sugar Reapers with Blue Banshees
  • Gungir with Altered
  • Altered with Gungir

You also get bonuses if you use multiple heroes from the same faction.

  • Two heroes from the same faction: HP +5%, attack power +5%
  • Three heroes from the same faction and two heroes from a different faction: HP +10%, attack power +10%
  • Four heroes from the same faction: HP +15%, attack power +15%
  • Five heroes from the same faction: HP +20%, attack power +20%

Undead World tier list

Undead World tier list Britney. Text reads 'Meet the Hero: Britney! Legendary+ Britney clears waves of zombies with gusto, wielding her great big gun. She doesn't even break a sweat.'

Undead World AoE tier list

AOE (or area of effect) heroes are damage-dealing heroes that specialise in attacks that cover wide areas – hello, explosions!

Tier Undead World character
S Britney
B Sam

Undead World tier list Tyler; text reads: Meet the hero: Tyler! Legendary + Going, going, GONE! With his explosive bat, he knocks the life out of his enemies'

Undead World melee tier list

Melee heroes are close-range attackers who can deal great damage with a slash or a blow. Pop these pals on the frontlines and watch them dominate.

Tier Undead World character
S Helen
A Tanya
B Tyler, Henry
C Nils

Undead World tier list Cady; text reads 'Let's meet Cady! Legendary+ Warrior, MVP, Target Acquired, Weaponsmith'

Undead World ranged tier list

Bows and guns galore, ranged heroes have the advantage of attacking from afar. They may be a little squishy, but they can deal some tasty damage from the backlines.

Tier Undead World character
S Murray
B Kieran
C Cady, Webster

Undead World tier list Meredith; text reads 'Let's meet Meredith! Legendary + Herbal therapy, nightshade bomb, herbal diffuser, healing herbs'

Undead World support tier list

Support characters are important heroes who don’t deal a heap of damage, but offer buffs and heals to their teammates, helping the team survive and carrying them to victory.

The best Undead World support characters for PvE

Tier Undead World character
S Astra
A Meredith
B Leigh, Nadeem
C Lite

Undead World tier list Conor; text reads 'Let's meet Conor! Legendary+ guard and counter, blast shield, veteran, assault captain'

Undead World tank tier list

Tank heroes are great for offering a strong shoulder to cry on – and, of course, leading the charge on the frontlines. With great survivability, they can create a strong barrier to protect their friends.

Tier Undead World character
S Conor
A Gabriel
C Abigail, Rock, Jones

And that’s our Undead World tier list. If you’re looking for more heroes that are a little less on the undead side, check out our list of the best gacha games.