Undertale Flowey lore, boss fight, plush and more

With so many fans still stumped by Undertale’s Flowey, or terrified by Photoshop Flowey, we’ve put together a detailed character guide on the frightening fauna

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If you’re trying to get to grips with the lore of Toby Fox’s iconic RPG, our Undertale Flowey guide is a good place to start. We’ve got details on the history of this fearsome fauna, as well as tips on how to take it on in that famous boss battle. Oh, and if you’re a Flowey fan, we’ve also got more information on how to pick up your own Flowey plush.

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Who is Undertale’s Flowey? 

Ok, we’re going to get very spoilery here, so if you haven’t completed all three main endings of Undertale, you might just want to skip down to the boss fight section of this guide. Still here? Fantastic. So, as you probably already expect, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to Flowey, Undertale’s undercover antagonist. 

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If you’ve already read our Undertale Chara character guide, you’ll know that Undertale’s Flowey is in fact the reincarnation of Asriel, the only child of the Asgore and Toriel who was killed after passing the barrier into the human world. His role throughout the game is to push Frisk, the player character, toward the game’s genocide route that leaves both his parents, and the rest of the main cast of Undertale, dead and buried. 

Fortunately, this is not Flowey’s intended fate, as you find out during the game’s true ending by following the pacifist route. It turns out that Flowey was a sort of lackey all along, working alongside the fallen human, Chara that is, to destroy not only the monster world but the human world as well. However, when exposed to Frisk’s DETERMINATION, Chara’s influence fades, and Asriel sees sense again, before embracing Frisk in a lovely thank you hug. 

Who is Undertale’s Photoshop Flowey? 

Again, big old spoilers coming up here, so keep skipping if you want the surprise. Photoshop Flowey is Flowey’s most powerful form, appearing at the end of the true neutral run to finish off Asgore, claim the power of the six human SOULS, and send you into save file purgatory before a final boss fight. 

Screenshot of Undertale's Photoshop Flowey

You need to beat Photoshop Flowey at least once to access the true neutral route, where the frightful fauna finally reveals themselves as Asriel, before being saved from themselves by an intervention from Frisk and the rest of the Undertale characters. With this, Flowey is gone, at least for a time, and Frisk can return to the surface with the barrier shattered. 

How do I beat Undertale’s Flowey boss battle?

Unlike almost every other boss battle, or even regular battle, throughout Undertale, the Photoshop Flowey boss battle ditches the fight, act, item, and mercy RPG options for a bullet-hell style showdown. It’s a long battle too, and really the only advice we can offer is to learn Photoshop Flowey’s moves, and make sure to keep your heart cursor doesn’t stay in one place for too long. 

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As you can see not only from the video above, but its nine million or so views, this boss battle is infamously tricky, but also one of the more memorable stand-offs in modern gaming. The soundtrack, like much of the music throughout Undertale, is absolutely jamming, so it’s no hardship to have to take a couple of attempts at besting Photoshop Flowey, even if just to hear those sweet riffs all over again. 

Where can I get a Flowey plush? 

Were you paying attention earlier when I said that Flowey haunts my dreams? Well, now the infamous character can haunt your living room, desk, or really wherever you fancy sticking the terrifying thing, with a dancing Undertale Flowey plush now available over at Fangamer. Or, if you really want to give yourself nightmares, you can pick up this distinctly unfriendly Flowey from Amazon. 

There you have it, our comprehensive Undertale Flowey character guide. Once you’ve bested Flowey, why not check out our picks for the best games like Undertale on Switch and mobile for your next adventure (or maybe even our best gardening games list, if you feel like pruning some prospective world enders).