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All the Deltarune characters – the cast of the Dark World

Our guide to all the Deltarune characters from chapters one and two has everything you need to get up to date on Undertale’s pseudo-sequel.

Deltarune characters Kris, Asreil, and the protagonist by a large black door in the underworld

If you’re trying to catch up with all the Deltarune characters ahead of the release of the next chapters of Toby Fox’s fantasy adventure, you’re in the right place. We’ve got all the need-to-know information regarding the major players in the Dark World, Castle Town, and beyond, so you can browse through at your leisure and get to grips with the main cast.

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So, let’s head below and meet some of the Deltarune characters.

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Kris


Deltaune’s protagonist is Kris, who, before falling into the Dark World, lives at home with their mother Asriel while their brother, Toriel, is away at college. Kris’ father, Asgore, also lives in Hometown, residing at his flower shop since separating from Asriel. Kris’ adventure begins at school, where they fall into the Dark World with classmate Susie, and are introduced to Ralsei, before beginning an adventure as a trio. 

You might recognize a few names there, and that’s because Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel are all characters from Undertale, though it seems like they’re a different version of themselves here, as there’s no reference to any of the events from Toby Fox’s debut. There’s also a very real chance that there’s a connection between Kris and Undertale’s overarching antagonist Frisk, due to the striking physical similarities between the two, but this is still speculation at this point. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Susie


One of the entirely new characters and new designs in Deltarune, Susie is one of the playable characters besides Kris, and functions as an unwilling wing-person throughout the pair’s adventures. While starting off as the class bully, and generally not a big fan of Kris, Susie’s emotional transformation is one of the most charming elements throughout Deltarune, and the character is emblematic of Toby Fox’s playful monster design. 

Susie is the most willing of the protagonist trio when it comes to violence, and can easily slay monsters with her powerful axe. Despite starting off as the class bully, Susie eventually warms to Kris, and as of the end of chapter two, is very good friends with Lancer. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Ralsei


Ralsei is the first being you meet after having fallen into the Dark World, and is later revealed to be the prince-in-waiting of the separate dimension. Ralsei also functions as a sort of yin to Susie’s yang, preferring to stay calm, and ACT where possible rather than engage in combat. While much of Ralsei’s history is still shrouded in mystery, we’re almost certain they’ve still got a pivotal part to play in the overarching Deltarune narrative. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Lancer


The self-described bad guy of the Dark World, Lancer is the son of the king (a different king, no relation to Ralsei) and primary antagonist of the first chapter of Deltarune. His goal is to stop Kris and co from reaching the Eastern Fountain, one of the many sources of dark energy his father has opened in an effort to destroy both the light and dark worlds, but as you begin to expect during the adventure, he’d rather have some good friends.

Fortunately, Lancer’s wish is answered at the end of chapter one, and his blossoming friendship with Susie is enough reason to turn against his father and join up with the protagonists. Lancer is also the first character we meet with seemingly no relation to Undertale, with Ralsei being a very obvious anagram of Asriel, though we’ve had no explanation as to why yet. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's King


The real bad guy behind the first chapter of Deltarune, King is Lancer’s father and ruler of the Dark World. He’s also, as you might expect, the first major boss battle in the series, arriving right at the end of chapter one to try and stop Kris and the gang from closing the Eastern Fountain. Of course, King is foiled, and his son Lancer leaves to join Kris, Susie, and Ralsei as they continue on their quest. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Queen


Chapter two’s antagonist, Queen (or Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N), is the second of the Knight’s lackeys trying to open up new Dark Fountains in an attempt to begin the Roaring, Deltarune universe’s version of the apocalypse. While there’s no mistaking that she’s an antagonist, Queen’s demeanour is actually quite cheerful, and she’ll find a way around battling if she can get people to do her bidding via other means. 

Custom image of a question mark on an Deltarune background


The big bad of the Deltarune universe, we still haven’t met Knight, but we’ve heard a good bit about them. Both Queen and King serve Knight, protecting the dark fountains that Knight creates to sow destruction across both the dark and light worlds. With reams of speculation about who Knight might be, we’re hoping that we might finally meet the elusive mastermind in Deltarune chapter 3. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Asgore

Asgore, Toriel, Undyne, and Alphys

Undertale’s Asgore and Toriel return in Deltarune, once again acting as the paternal and maternal figures in the protagonist’s life, though this time Asgore is much less edgy and vengeful. As of the end of Deltarune chapter two, the pair are still bit-part players in Toby Fox’s follow up, but with plenty of chapters left in the storyline, there’s still a lot of scope for them to feature more heavily. 

Undyne and Alphys also return, as Hometown’s police captain and class teacher respectively, though, despite incessant shipping by fans, they’re still not together. The two play even less of a role than Asgore and Toriel, but it’s certainly a nice easter egg for any Undertale fans. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's Seam


The Dark World’s resident shopkeeper, Seam is happy to sell their wares to Frisk and the gang to help out on their quest. You can buy useful items like dark candy or darkburgers from the furry shopkeeper, and if you defeat mini-boss Jevil in the first chapter, they’ll celebrate your achievements with a special item. 

Custom image with screenshot of Deltarune's sweet cap'n cake

Sweet Cap’n Cakes

This trio of robotic DJs are at first a mini-boss fight, but later becomes a trio of shopkeepers helping Kris on their mission to defeat Queen. You can visit them to buy some special battle items, including Susie’s Auto Axe, or just to jam out to some Deltarune tunes in style. 

There you have it, with that you should know the Deltarune characters better than Toby Fox himself. For more dungeon-crawling through imaginative dark worlds, be sure to check out our picks for the best games like Dark Souls on Switch and mobile.