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Undertale Frisk lore, gender, age, and real name

Despite being the protagonist, Undertale’s Frisk is still something of a mystery to many fans of Toby Fox’s iconic indie RPG title.

Custom header of Undertale's Frisk

Undertale’s Frisk is the main character in Toby Fox’s idiosyncratic RPG, but that doesn’t make them any less cryptic than the rest of the cast. In this guide, we’ve put together this guide detailing Frisk’s lore, relationships, and other facts, so you can leave as a regular Frisk expert. Just keep in mind that we go into some depth here, meaning there are a few spoilers ahead.

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Who is Undertale’s Frisk?

As we mentioned earlier, Frisk is the silent protagonist of Undertale. We know little about Frisk’s life on the surface, but in the Underground, they’re the human tasked with saving the roster of monsters you encounter on your journey, rocking brunette bangs as they do so. 

Screenshot of Frisk exploring in Undertale

Depending on which ending you go for – genocide, pacifist, or neutral – you learn more about Frisk and the humans who have fallen down below before them. While even after completing all three, there are still more questions than answers when it comes to Frisk, we do know that they have a special, almost maternal relationship with Toriel, they’re good buddies with Papyrus, and they should not trust talking flowers. 

What is Undertale’s Frisk gender?

While there’s a lot of Frisk lore hidden in Undertale, the protagonist’s gender never comes up, so it’s left up to the fans to assume that Frisk is gender-neutral. Many believe this is a purposeful move from developer Toby Fox, as it allows players of any orientation to easily associate with the hero in the purple-striped sweater. 

What is Undertale’s Frisk age? 

While it’s still not concrete, we know a little more about Frisk’s age than we do their gender. In Undertale, Frisk is almost certainly younger than sixteen, and we know this thanks to the fact they’re consistently referred to as child or kiddo, and Undyne at one point references that she feels like Frisk’s kindergarten teacher. Again, these are assumptions, but it’s safe to say that in Undertale, Frisk is a child. 

Frisk stood with Asriel in Undertale

What is Undertale’s Frisk real name? 

Frisk’s real name is Frisk, or rather, whatever you choose to name your character in Undertale, their name really is Frisk. You can find this out for yourself by completing the True Pacifist ending, which reveals more information about the protagonist, or you can cheat the game by selecting Frisk as your name in the opening menu, for hilarious results that we won’t spoil here. 

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