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Valiant Force 2 release date, shutdown, and more

The long-awaited Valiant Force 2 release date has been and gone, but, unfortunately, the game's shutdown followed shortly after.

Valiant Force 2 release date - a group of Valiant Force 2 characters posing

After the great success of its predecessor, the Valiant Force 2 release date had tactical RPG fans all over the world pumped up and ready to dive back into the action. Unfortunately, this excitement didn’t last long, though, as Studio XII Braves announced the game’s closure only a few months later.

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When’s the Valiant Force 2 release date?

Valiant Force 2 launched in South East Asia on February 15, 2023, then saw a global release on May 4, 2023. However, the game is no longer available.

Did Valiant Force 2 shut down?

Unfortunately, Valiant Force 2 shut down on November 30, 2023, less than seven months after the game’s global release. Studio XII Braves announced the game’s closure in July 2023, with the sale of in-app purchases stopped from August 24, and in-game gifts sent out to players every day from August 23 until the servers went down on November 30.

On July 21, 2023, the Valiant Force 2 Facebook page shared a post entitled “Developers’ Letter”, in which Studio XII Braves thanks the players, and outlines the reason for the game’s closure, stating that its “additional complexity came at the cost of game stability”, and that it “reached a point where it would not be sustainable to continue operating the game”.

Following the server shutdown, Valiant Force 2’s Google Play and App Store pages are no longer available, and, as the servers are down, there’s no longer any way to play to game.

Is there a Valiant Force 2 trailer?

Prior to the game’s closure, there were plenty of Valiant Force 2 trailers. However, it appears that Studio XII Braves has since deleted the YouTube channel, and the videos are no longer available.

That’s all we’ve got on the Valiant Force 2 release date and subsequent closure. For more adventures on the go, check out our list of the best RPGs, along with the best gaming phones to play them on.