Valiant Force 2 release date, pre-registrations, and more

Final Fantasy meets Dragon Quest with the upcoming Valiant Force 2 release date. Be sure to pre-register for this tactical gacha RPG for heaps of rewards.

Valiant Force 2 release date - a group of Valiant Force 2 characters posing

After the great success of its predecessor, the Valiant Force 2 release date is close on the horizon, and has tactical RPG fans all over the world pumped up and ready to dive back into the action. With a release window on the cards, pre-registrations open, and plenty of goodies to snap up on launch, it’s time to prepare for your new expedition back to Arathos.

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When’s the Valiant Force 2 release date?

Valiant Force 2 launched in South East Asia on February 15, 2023, but is still unavailable in other regions. XII Braves has confirmed that the Valiant Force 2 release date is slated for sometime in Q1 of 2023, meaning that we should see a global launch before summer of this year. Valiant Force 2 will be available globally on both Android and iOS devices.

How do I sign up for Valiant Force 2 pre-registrations?

You can pre-register for Valiant Force 2 through Google Play or the App Store by heading to the game page and hitting that big, shiny button. Alternatively, you can pre-register through the official Valiant Force 2 website by typing in your email address and hitting ‘register here’. Keep in mind that registering through the website gives XII Braves permission to send you rewards, news, and offers relevant to Valiant Force 2.

Valiant Force 2 release date - an inforgraphic showing all the pre-registration bonuses

What are the Valiant Force 2 pre-registration bonuses?

When the game hits certain pre-registration milestones, it unlocks special bonuses that will be sent out to all pre-registered players on launch. Here are all the milestones, and what rewards they unlock.

  • 100k players – Butter Toast face mask and 500 gems
  • 200k players – Stormheart vanity and 500 gems
  • 300k players – Emerald Moon Quiver weapon skin and 500 gems
  • 500k players – Emerald Moon Bow weapons skin and 500 gems
  • 700k players – Airship skin set and 500 gems
  • 1mil players – Lola Winters hero and 500 gems

You can check which pre-registration milestone we’re on through the official Valiant Force 2 website.

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Is there a Valiant Force 2 trailer?

There is indeedy! You can check out the Valiant Force 2 official gameplay trailer above to get a sneak peek at the action that awaits in Arathos. And, if you want more, head over to the official Valiant Force 2 Youtube, where you can find various introduction videos to whet your appetite.

That’s all we’ve got on the Valiant Force 2 release date and pre-registrations at the moment. If you’re looking for something to pass the time until the game’s arrival, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs.