Valiant Force 2 tier list speculation

As we wait for XII Braves' upcoming tactical mobile RPG, we look to its predecessor to see if we can determine what the Valiant Force 2 tier list will look like

Valiant Force 2 tier list - a group of Valiant Force 2 characters in a busy city

As with any tactical RPG, the toughest part of Valiant Force 2 is likely to be forming a team that can take on any sticky situations and beastly battles you find yourself in. But, with so little info on XII Braves’ upcoming title, putting together a Valiant Force 2 tier list is proving to be just as tricky of a task. However, despite its predecessor disappearing into the valiant graveyard of mobile games long gone, the first Valiant Force has not been forgotten – and we may just be able to look to the past to get an idea of what’s to come in the future.

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Valiant Force 2 tier list

As we’ve not had the chance to get our hands on Valiant Force 2 yet, and there’s very little data about the game on the English-speaking side of the internet, we can’t really predict which units will be strong and which ones will be weak. However, if Valiant Force 2 carries over the gameplay style and formula of its predecessor, we can give you a few tips to keep in mind as the Valiant Force 2 release date draws closer.

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In the first Valiant Force, putting together a definitive tier list was a pretty fruitless endeavour. There were some general guideline tier lists, such as Reddit user u/Back12’s PVE hero tier list aimed at beginners and Reddit user u/ScherBR’s beta tier list, but the strength of a Valiant Force character always came down to team composition and the type of tactics a battle required.

For example, in this Reddit post by u/Baer_Foch, the OP highlights that the tactical nature of the game means your team compositions should vary greatly based on the situation you’re in – position swapping abilities worked well in arenas, but not in raids, high defence is useless in Gold Mine where the enemy does no damage, etc. Additionally, in the original Valiant Force, different heroes gained bonus stats each week, pushing players to rotate characters.

Valiant Force 2 tier list - a group of Valiant Force 2 characters having a picnic

Of course, the first Valiant Force is no longer around, and we’ve got a while to wait until we get our hands on the second, but we believe these details may carry over to the new game. We’ll be sure to update this page as soon as we get more info, so you can get to planning your dream team for each of the gameplay modes.

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