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War Thunder players just really love leaking military documents

Another week, another classified manual appears on the War Thunder forum, bringing morality and the military’s own protection into question.

War Thunder leaked documents: a tank behind jail bars

It’s Friday, so you know what that means – time for a silly news story to ease you into the weekend. Today’s topic? War Thunder players keep leaking military documents. Yes, you read that right.

War Thunder, a mobile war game focused on vehicles like tanks and planes, seems to have some absolute sleuths in its community. Players have now, and not for the first time, leaked restricted military documents – this time a technical manual for the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter – onto the forum.

Previous documents including manuals for the Eurofighter Typhoon and F117 Nighthawk appeared on the forum as well, making this just the next in a long line of morally questionable decisions by War Thunder players.

At this rate, we’re going to end up with an entire backlog of military vehicular information right on the War Thunder forum. People barely even notice it anymore, and this surely won’t be the last instance.

Anyway, the best thing to come out of this is the company’s own response on social media, specifically TikTok. Their team deserves a bonus for taking this under their wing and flying with it. Just look at this, it’s a finely crafted Spongebob meme, for goodness sake. Keep it up, @warthunder_En.

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There’s been some debate in the comments of the forum as to the legality of these documents due to some appearing as restricted, whereas others technically allow anyone to look at them, though behind a paywall.

Just who is doing this? Where did they get the idea, and what do they hope to achieve? The fill of the US military entirely? Or are they just researching which military-grade helicopter they’d like to get for themselves?

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