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Wasteland Tycoon codes

If you’re on the hunt for Wasteland Tycoon codes, look no further, we’ve scoured the scorched world and battled mutants to get you every code in this guide.

Wasteland Tycoon codes: a Roblox avatar rides on a hover bike across a barren desert

June 9, 2023:  We have updated this guide after checking for the latest Wasteland Tycoon codes

There are plenty of cheerful games on Roblox, but occasionally fans want something a bit more mature and challenging. Well, Wasteland Tycoon is a fun spin on the Fallout formula, bringing a post-apocalyptic world to life in Roblox where you must utilise nuclear bunkers to survive. So, to help you survive the future, our Wasteland Tycoon codes guide is here to help.

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Wasteland Tycoon codes

Active codes:

  • 15likes – 80k caps and 1000 atoms (new!)
  • 10klikes – 1k Atoms and 100K Cash
  • 7klikes – 1.25k Atoms
  • 3klikes – 30 caps & boosts
  • 1klikes – 20% income boost
  • Release – 10k cash
  • Dragonfly – free skin and 20% income boost

Expired codes:

There aren’t currently any expired Wasteland Tycoon codes.

What are Wasteland Tycoon codes?

Wasteland Tycoon codes are a specific set of numbers and letters that you can input into the game to earn rewards. Developer Redd’s Wastelands often releases codes to coincide with updates and events, and you can check out their developer page for more information. Alternatively, follow Redd’s Wastelands Twitter account to check for new codes. Of course, the quickest way to get codes is to bookmark this page, as we do all the searching for you, and update this page whenever new codes are available.

How do I redeem Wasteland Tycoon codes?

  • Open up Roblox
  • Open up Wasteland Tycoon
  • Press the blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen
  • Type your code into the appropriate box
  • Hit submit
  • Enjoy your rewards!

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