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Which Genshin Impact character are you?

Which Genshin Impact character are you? If you're itching to find out, you can check out our choice of the most fun quizzes that answer this question

Genshin Impact's Kokomi, Noelle, and Venti

With so many Genshin Impact characters showing such a wide range of personalities and traits, there’s bound to be one that resonates with you personally. So, which Genshin Impact character are you? If you’re stuck and struggling to decide which one you have most in common with, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered some of our favourite quizzes that seek to answer just that, so you know exactly which characters represent you best when you’re building your team.

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Which Genshin Impact character are you quizzes

Here are some of our favourite quizzes answering the question of which Genshin Impact character are you.

A group of Genshin Impact characters


The Quizpin Genshin Impact quiz covers characters up to the latest version, and includes some nice questions, not only regarding your personality, but also your preferences in-game.

Psycat Games

Psycat Games’ version of this quiz is a fun one, and it also gives you a little info as to why you ended up with your results.


The Rainyfox quiz asks you some pretty interesting questions, and treats you to a nice graphic featuring the character’s birthday, region, special dish, and more when you get to your result.


Quizexpo’s quiz is great, pushing you to really think about how you react to Genshin Impact’s gameplay and what that says about you as a person. It also gives you a brief overview of the characteristics you have in common with the character you got, as well as a little info about their element, weapon, and nation.


Quotev’s quiz features some brilliant, engaging questions, but its real crowning jewel is the fun description explaining why you got your results, including guesses at your star sign, preferences, and what major you studied in school.

And those are our choices for the best ‘which Genshin Impact character are you’ quizzes! We hope you have fun – let us know which results you get over on our Twitter. In the meantime, why not check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact for more open-world fun.