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Whiteout Survival codes May 2024

Thaw out these Whiteout Survival codes to get a ton of extra cash, important resources, and other handy rewards to help you survive.

Whiteout survival codes - three women, a man, and a polar bear prepare for combat in front of a snowy blue background

May 22, 2024: We checked for new Whiteout Survival codes.

What can you do to survive in the icy wasteland where temperatures are well below freezing? Redeem all the active Whiteout Survival codes, of course! You get a huge amount of rewards for each code, though they’re timed – so hot foot it down to our list and grab your goodies.

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Here are the working Whiteout Survival codes:

  • THANKSMOM24 – five chief stamina, 1k gems, 1k meat, 1k coal, 1k wood, 1k iron, and some boosts
  • 847dPBVex – five chief stamina, 100 gems, 1k coal, 1k meat, 1k iron, 1k wood, 10k hero XP, and 1h training speed boost
  • 7J9k5L – 100 gems, 1k coal, 1k meat, 2 gold keys, 1k iron, 1k wood, and 100 enhancement XP components

Expired Whiteout Survival codes:

  • familyday24
  • nVJlqAwm0
  • 3b9G7P
  • pV1XlA4ve
  • aprfool2024
  • 2G7k9H
  • HappyS1000
  • Happy1Yr
  • RAMADAN2024
  • 30mDownloads
  • 4D8W6k
  • g3r7H2
  • 9c5x2R
  • DevFeedback1
  • Q4XrqLKG4
  • rK9PLvVX9
  • WOS24HNY
  • WOSXMAS2023
  • Byebye2023
  • vVp0WJVj0
  • DecFeedback
  • jpX10Kfans
  • Honorable23
  • ThxgivingD23
  • STATE600
  • 7bR9xK
  • Spooky2023
  • 5wYEo2wLj
  • State500
  • T8x3K2
  • rK9rzXwX9
  • 8k9X3P
  • DC300K
  • STATE300
  • 9eR2d
  • N4rapZwa4
  • STATE100
  • DC100K
  • jK8pL
  • WonderfulMom
  • Featured317
  • WDAY2023
  • gBw8JmVq8
  • DC30K

Whiteout survival codes: how to redeem codes in the game

How do I redeem Whiteout Survival codes?

While your survivors are warming their hands by a fire, you can redeem your Whiteout Survival codes by following these simple steps:

  • Open up Whiteout Survival on your device
  • Tap your avatar to open up the profile menu
  • Once this menu is open, click settings in the bottom right
  • Then, hit the ‘Gift Code’ option
  • Paste or type in each code one at a time and hit redeem

What are Whiteout Survival codes?

The publisher, Diandian Interactive Holding, releases these time-limited redemption codes every so often. They provide you with in-game cash, boosts for speeding up production and reducing building times, along with stacks of resources like wood and coal. Where would we be without them, eh? Freezing – that’s where.

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