Adopt Me update – Gorilla Fairground

Prepare for a whole host of new furry, feathery, and scaly friends in the Roblox Adopt Me update, ready for you to hatch, collect, and trade with your friends.

Adopt Me update: A close up of the Chef Gorilla key art from Adopt Me.

It’s update day! The new Roblox Adopt Me update is here, bringing with it the return of the Fairground Tent, but this time gorillas are running the show. We’ve got all the info you need to know about the Gorilla Fairground update below, so keep reading.

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When is the Adopt Me update release date?

The Adopt Me update went live on March 16 and is available to play now on Roblox!

Adopt Me update: Key art for the Adopt Me Gorilla Fairground update featuring a gorilla.

What are the Adopt Me update new pets?

The Gorilla Fairground update is all about our primate pals, so you get the chance to craft your own themed gorilla. You also have a chance to get an albino gorilla from the Premium Gorilla Box if you’re lucky that comes with its own bowtie, walking cane, and top hat.

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Here’s a list of the different gorilla item rarities in each of the Gorilla Boxes.

Ultra Rare – 15% Gorilla Box, 30% Premium Gorilla Box

  • Karate Gorilla – sai ingredient
  • Chef Gorilla – rolling pin ingredient

Legendary – 10% Gorilla Box, 20% Premium Gorilla Box

  • Astronaut Gorilla – star ingredient

Premium Gorilla Box only – 5%

  • Emperor Gorilla – golden goblet ingredient

What are the Adopt Me update themed items?

Each Gorilla Box contains one gorilla and two themed items from the Gorilla Fairground update. These can be toys, pet wear, vehicles, or the ingredients needed to craft your customised pet pal. Here’s the rarities of the different items.

Adopt Me update: Key art of the Emperor Gorilla on a purple background.

Common – 45% Gorilla Box

  • Fairground pogo
  • Banana chew toy

Uncommon – 30% Gorilla Box, 45% Premium Gorilla Box

  • Banana leaf balloon
  • Toy drum flying disc
  • Circus ball unicycle

Rare – 15% Gorilla Box, 30% Premium Gorilla Box

  • Banana tree pogo stick

Ultra rare – 10% Gorilla Box, 20% Premium Gorilla Box

  • Carousel propeller
  • Bumper car

Adopt Me update: Key art of the astronaught gorilla on a navy blue background.

How much are Adopt Me Gorilla Boxes?

You can purchase a Gorilla Box for 600 bucks and a Premium Gorilla Box for 195 Robux. You can get bucks from login bonuses, money trees, completing objectives, and through in-game paychecks that you get every 15 or so minutes.

That’s everything you need to know about the Adopt Me update. You can check out our Adopt Me pets list and our Adopt Me trading values guide for more on your favourite pet collecting Roblox game.