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Ascended Stargazer Karma is just a twinkle in the sky outside of China

Fans after the Wild Rift Ascended Stargazer Karma skin are in for some disappointment as the attire is only available to those in China

A group of Wild champions all stood in Stargazer attire in front of a spacey background, and they're all wielding their weapons though Wild Rift Ascended Stargazer Karma is missing

Exclusivity in certain regions isn’t new to the videogame industry, and it especially isn’t when it comes to mobile games, of which Pokémon Go is a perfect example, as you can get different ‘mon in various parts of the world, and this makes sense – to an extent. However, this doesn’t mean the consumers have to be happy about it, as League of Legends: Wild Rift players are demonstrating right now.

Thanks to a Reddit post from Ralph16, we now know that Wild Rift’s Ascended Stargazer Karma isn’t available outside of China, and while this might seem like a minor thing to some, it’s a big deal to others, especially since many thought this skin would be part of the Star Guardian event Wild Pass and she is… In China.

For Ralph, this is less than ideal, especially since they “bought the pass only because of the augmented skin”, which means they’ve wasted their money, and that’s something anyone is going to find annoying. In fact, another Redditor, RefanRes, describes the decision as “dumb” and claims that “it’s stuff like not treating their whole player base equally that limits the growth of the game outside of China.”

Why isn’t Wild Rift’s Ascended Stargazer Karma available worldwide?

The short answer is that we don’t know, but regional exclusives aren’t uncommon, and it just so happens that this is the case for the new augmented Karma skin.

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