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Wuthering Waves Jianxin build

Here’s how to get the best Wuthering Waves Jianxin build with a full set of echoes, a pair of gauntlets, and the right stats on each.

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So, you want to build your Wuthering Waves Jianxin? A very wise choice. Jianxin is an excellent unit, especially in the early game, as she can create a shield, heal herself and her teammates, and deal some respectable damage while grouping smaller enemies together. Plus, she’s pretty cool.

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Here’s how to build Wuthering Waves Jianxin.

What are Jianxin’s stats?

Here are Jianxin’s base stats at level one and level 90, without any echo or weapon buffs.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 1,129 14,113
Attack 27 338
Defense 92 1,124
Max energy 150 150
Crit rate 5% 5%
Crit damage 150% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Aero damage bonus 0% 0%
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What are Jianxin’s skills?

Jianxin is one of the standard Wuthering Waves characters, available on every character-centric banner in the game, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less viable than a limited character. Jianxin’s kit allows her to group enemies, heal herself, provide a shield for your own team (which, sadly, doesn’t work in co-op), and hit things.

Here are all of Jianxin’s skills and attacks.

Jianxin’s active skills

Skill Effect
Basic attack – Fengyiquan Jianxin performs up to four consecutive attacks that deal aero damage
Heavy attack When holding the basic attack button, Jianxin consumes some stamina to attack a target, dealing heavier aero damage
Mid-air attack Jianxin consumes some stamina to leap into the air, then plunges and deals aero damage to the targets
Dodge counter Using a basic attack after a dodge causes Jianxin to attack the target, dealing aero damage
Resonance skill – Calming Air

Hold the resonance skill button when the meter is full to enter the Parry Stance. During this move, Jianxin creates a shield. The longer you hold the move, the greater the shield gets.

Chi Counter –
If an enemy attacks Jianxin while she’s in the Parry Stance, she takes no damage and immediately performs Chi Counter, dealing aero damage to the attacker

Chi Parry –
Releasing the skill button ends the Parry Stance and triggers Chi Parry, dealing aero damage

Resonance liberation – Purification Force Field Jianxin creates a field of wind, pulling targets into it and grouping them together, dealing aero damage. When the wind field dissipates, it deals another instance of aero damage
Intro skill – Essence of Tao Jianxin pulls enemies in within her target range, dealing aero damage to them
Outro skill – Transcendence The next character you use gains a 38% resonance liberation damage boost for 14 seconds, or until they switch off field

Jianxin’s passive skills

Skill Effect
Forte circuit – Primordial Chi Spiral

When Jianxin’s ‘Chi’ reaches the maximum stacks, holding the heavy attack button starts the Zhoutain Progress.

During the Zhoutain Progress, Jianxin’s anti-interruption increases, and her damage taken reduces by 50%. She consumes Chi continuously to strike enemies repeatedly with aero damage.

As Zhoutain Progress accumulates, Jianxin can gain three levels of shield, while dealing constant aero damage to targets around her.

If you use an attack while charging the Zhoutain Progress, Jianxin uses Pushing Punch to attack enemies.

You build up Chi by attacking enemies and using skills

Inherent skill – Formless Release (unlockable at resonator rank two) The damage of Purification Force Field increases by 20%
Inherent skill – Reflection (unlockable after Formless Release) The strength of the shield Jianxin gains with Primordial Chi Spiral increases by 20%

wuthering waves jianxin in a fighting pose holding her hands together

What are the Jianxin’s resonance chains?

If you happen to pull more than one copy of Jianxin – which may happen, given she’s on the standard banner and you can lose a 50/50 to her – you can unlock some extra talents.

Here’s what you can get with her wavebands:

Resonance chain sequence Effect
Sequence node one – Verdant Branchlet After casting her intro skill, Jianxin gains 100% extra Chi from basic attacks for ten seconds
Sequence node two – Tao Seeker’s Journey Resonance skill Calming Air gains one extra charge
Sequence node three – Principles of Wuwei After staying in the Parry Stance for 2.5 seconds, Jianxin’s Chi Counter fully charges
Sequence node four – Multitude Reflection When using Primordial Chi Spiral’s heavy attack, Jianxin’s Purification Force Field damage increases by 80% for 14 seconds
Sequence node five – Mirroring Introspection The range of Purification Force Field increases by 33%
Sequence node six – Truth from Within

During Primordial Chi Spiral’s heavy attack, if Jianxin uses Pushing Punch, she can use the Special Chi Counter one extra time within five seconds.

Special Chi Counter deals aero damage equal to 556% of Jianxin’s attack and is considered as heavy damage.

Jianxin can also gain a fourth level of shield charge from Zhoutain Progress

What’s the best weapon for Jianxin?

Jianxin uses the gauntlet weapon type, and there are a few good options for her, even early in the game. The best weapon for Jianxin is the Abyss Surges, though this can be trick to get. The next best option for her is Marcato – both of these weapons help her kit by adding attack damage or energy recharge.

Weapon Effect
Abyss Surges (five-star) Increases energy regeneration by 12.8%. When Jianxin hits a target with her resonance skill, her basic attack increases by 10% for eight seconds. When hitting a target with basic attacks, her resonance skill damage increases by 10%, lasting for eight seconds
Marcato (four-star) When Jianxin uses her resonance skill, she restores eight resonance energy. This effect can trigger once every 20 seconds
Gauntlets#21D (four-star) When Jianxin dashes or dodges, her attack increases by 8%. Her counter attack damage also increases by 50% for eight seconds. When she uses her counter attack, she restores HP equal to 5% of her max HP. This can trigger once every six seconds
Gauntlets of Night (three-star) When Jianxin uses her intro skill, her attack increases by 8% for ten seconds

What are the best echoes for Jianxin?

When picking an echo set for Jianxin, it’s best to aim for a five-piece set of Moonlight Clouds or Sierra Gale, or two pieces of Moonlight Clouds and two pieces of Sierra Gale. These two set bonuses give her higher energy recharge and aero damage. Alternatively, you can give her a set of Rejuvenating Glow echoes if you want to boost her healing capabilities.

The best echoes to equip Jianxin with are:

  • Bell-Borne Geochelone – this can give you a shield while adding to Jianxin’s damage reduction. The Geochelone is a great option for harder combat scenarios
  • Feilian Beringal – the Beringal deals a good bit of damage while enhancing Jianxin’s attack and aero damage. This is good if you use her as a DPS
  • Impermanence Heron – this echo can increase the attack of the next character you use. If you use the echo right after applying Jianxin’s shield, then you’re protected and buffed

In terms of individual stats, prioritize echoes with the following:

  • Aero damage bonus
  • Crit rate/damage
  • Energy regeneration
  • Attack

wuthering waves jianxin during a cutscene in the game in an outdoor area

What’s the best Jianxin team comp?

Jianxin can fill a few roles, but as we’ve discussed, she’s best as a shielder and sub-DPS. Therefore, you can use her with whoever you want to keep safe and provide a little extra damage to.

Here are the best synergies for Jianxin:

  • Wuthering Waves Calcharo – Jianxin’s outro skill boosts resonance liberation damage, so Calcharo’s Death Messenger attack gets a boost from this. Not only that, but she can provide a shield while he goes to work hitting things.
  • Wuthering Waves Verina – Though Jianxin can shield herself and use a bit of healing if you’re going into a big battle, we recommend taking Verina. She can heal the entire team, and provide an attack buff with her inherent skill. Also, she can shield your party members from a fatal blow once during battle, which is always helpful.
  • Wuthering Waves Jiyan – If you really want to amp up the aero damage, you can use Jiyan as your main DPS in a team with Jianxin.
  • Wuthering Waves Mortefi – Mortefi’s deal is that he boosts heavy attack damage with his outro skill, so if you swap off him to Jianxin, then use her ultimate, you can get some great damage if you want to use her as a DPS. Her Chi Spiral counts as heavy attack damage, so his buff applies here. His co-ordinated attacks can double during her Chi Spiral, so use these together for even more hits.

This is the best Jianxin team comps in Wuthering Waves:

Slot one Slot two Slot three


Wuthering Waves Verina icon

Wuthering Waves Mortefi icon
Wuthering Waves Verina icon

What are Jianxin’s ascension materials?

To ascend Jianxin from level one all the way up to 90, you need a stack of cash and some specific other items. Here are all of Jianxin’s ascension materials:

Ascension rank Materials required
One – level 20 5k shell credits and four LF whisperin cores
Two – level 40 10k shell credits, four lanternberries, three roaring rock fists, four MF whisperin cores
Three – level 50 15k shell credits, eight lanternberries, six roaring rock fists, eight MF whisperin cores
Four – level 60 20k shell credits, 12 lanternberries, nine roaring rock fists, four HF whisperin cores
Five – level 70 40k shell credits, 16 lanternberries, 12 roaring rock fists, eight HF whisperin cores
Six – level 80 80k shell credits, 20 lanternberries, 16 roaring rock fists, four FF whisperin cores

Here’s where to find all of Jianxin’s ascension materials:

  • Roaring rock fists – this item drops from the Feilian Beringal boss, located in the Giant Banyan tree, in the Dim Forest
  • Lanternberries – these flowers grow in the overworld around the Tiger’s Maw mine area. You can purchase 15 of them from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou which resets after a certain time
  • Whisperin cores – these enemy drops come from Predator and Warrior enemies, as well as Whiff Whaff, Tick Tack, Zig Zag, and Snip Snap enemies. You can also buy them from the weapon shop and gain them in forgery challenges
  • Shell credits – shell credits are the in-game currency, which you can obtain via farming, enemy and boss drops, through quests, or by selling things in the in-game store

Now you’ve got a strong Jianxin in your team, why not pair her with a DPS like Wuthering Waves Calcharo or Wuthering Waves Lingyang?