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Wuthering Waves Verina build

Here’s how to get the best Wuthering Waves Verina build going, complete with which weapons and echoes to give her and what all of her skills do.

Wuthering Waves Verina's splash art over a yellow background

Welcome Wuthering Waves Verina, a teeny tiny healer who’ll fix your team up with a flourish and a smile. She’s a five-star character that uses the spectro element, and manifests her power as leaves and vines. She’s easy to build and a great unit that’ll keep you alive on the field.

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Here’s everything in our best Wuthering Waves Verina build:

Who is Wuthering Waves’ Verina?

Verina is a plant-type character who uses a rectifier and the spectro element. This means her attacks appear in the form of roots and branches that sprout from the ground beneath her enemies. Her skill allows her to heal herself and her party members, while her ultimate provides a full-party heal.

She’s a five-star character that features on the standard banner, and we recommend you pick her as your free five-star if you don’t already have her – we all need a good healer!

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What are Verina’s stats?

Here are Verina’s base stats at levels one and 90, without additions from weapons or echoes.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 1139 14238
Attack 27 338
Defense 90 1100
Max energy 175 175
Crit rate 5% 5%
Crit damage 150% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Spectro damage bonus 0% 0%

What are Verina’s skills?

Here are all of Verina’s skills in battle, including her intro and outro skills and inherent talents that passively boost her heals and damage.

Verina’s active skills

 Skill Effect
Basic attack – Cultivation Verina performs up to five consecutive attacks, using vines to deal spectro damage
 Heavy attack – Cultivation Consuming stamina, Verina slides forward, dealing heavier spectro damage
Mid-air attack – Cultivation Verina uses her stamina to jump into the air and perform three attacks
Mid-air heavy attack – Cultivation Hold the basic attack button while Verina is in the air to have her plunge to the ground, dealing heavier spectro damage
Dodge counter – Cultivation Use Verina’s basic attack after dodging to counter with a spectro attack
Resonance skill – Botany Experiment Verina creates an energy field in front of her to grow vines and attack enemies
Resonance liberation – Arboreal Flourish

Verina deals spectro damage to nearby enemies, while also restoring HP to characters – this includes any co-op players. A Photosynthesis mark appears on each target she hits.

Photosynthesis mark –
When a character hits a target with the mark, Verina performs a coordinated attack, dealing spectro damage from off-field and healing the active character. This can trigger once per second

Intro skill – Verdant Growth Verina attacks the target, dealing spectro damage
Outro skill – Blossom Verina heals the next character – on your own team or in co-op – for 19% of her attack per second for six seconds. All characters gain a 15% all-type damage bonus for 30 seconds

Verina’s passive skills

 Skill Effect
Forte circuit – Starflower Blooms

 Heavy attack -When using her heavy attack, if Verina has Photosynthesis energy, she consumes one stack to recover concerto energy and restore HP for party members.

Mid-air attack –
When using her mid-air attack, if Verina has Photosynthesis energy, she consumes one stack to recover concerto energy and restore HP for party members. She can cast this skill with her basic attack after using a heavy attack.

Photosynthesis energy –
Verina can have four stacks of Photosynthesis at once. She gains a stack from every fifth basic attack, resonance skill attack, and intro skill attack when they hit an enemy

Inherent skill – Gift of Nature When Verina casts Starflower Blooms, Arboreal Flourish, or Blossom, all party members’ attack increases by 20% for 20 seconds
Inherent skill – Grace of Life Verina protects a party member from fatal damage and grants a shield equal to 120% of her attack which lasts for ten seconds. This can trigger once every ten minutes

Wuthering Waves Verina in a flower field against a blue sky

What is Verina’s resonance chain?

If you happen to get more than one copy of Verina in Wuthering Waves, you can unlock one of the levels of her ‘resonance chain’. Here are the different levels and their perks – her first sequence node is very handy, so if you can grab a second copy of her with the five-star selector, we recommend doing that.

Resonance chain sequence  Effect
Sequence node one – Moment of Emergence  Verina’s outro skill – Blossom – grants the next character a continuous heal effect, recovering HP equal to 20% of Verina’s attack every five seconds for 30 seconds
 Sequence node two – Sprouting Reflections Botany Experiment grants one extra Photosynthetic energy and ten concerto energy
Sequence node three – The Choice to Flourish  Healing of Photosynthesis marks increases by 12%
Sequence node four – Blossoming Embrace Starflower Blooms, Arboreal Flourish, and Blossom increase the spectro damage of all team members by 15% for 24 seconds
Sequence node five – Miraculous Blooms When Verina heals a team member with HP less than 50%, her healing increases by 20%
Sequence node six – Joyous Harvest Starflower Bloom attacks deal 20% more damage. They now trigger a coordinated attack one time and heal all nearby characters

What’s the best weapon for Verina?

Verina uses the rectifier weapon type – akin to Genshin Impact’s catalysts. As she scales on attack and is a healer, we recommend the Comet Flare and Jinzhou Keeper if you have them.

 Weapon Effect
Comet Flare (four-star) When using Verina’s basic or heavy attacks to hit a target, she gets a healing bonus of 3% that can stack three times. This lasts for eight seconds and can trigger once every 0.5 seconds
Jinzhou Keeper (four-star) When you use Verina’s intro skill, her attack and HP increases for 15 seconds
Variation (four-star) When using Verina’s resonance skill, she restores concerto energy. This can trigger once every 20 seconds
Cosmic Ripples (five-star) Increases Verina’s energy regeneration by 12%. When she hits a target with a basic attack, she gains a basic attack bonus that can stack five times. This lasts for eight seconds

What are the best echoes for Verina?

Verina’s healing scales off her attack stat, so keep this in mind when picking echoes for her. Each echo has two main stats and can get more as you tune them. For Verina, it’s best to equip her with any echoes that have a healing bonus or attack main stat. If you can get a two- or five-piece set of the Rejuvenating Glow type, then Verina gains a healing bonus and can increase the attack of the entire team.

A good choice of echo for Verina is the Cruisewing, as when summoned, it can heal your party members. A Chasm Guardian can also provide extra healing.

Wuthering Waves Verina in game wearing a green and white dress and a headband

What’s the best Verina team comp?

Verina is the best healer in Wuthering Waves, and as such, can fit in any team no matter the element. If you need healing, and an attack boost, you can slot her in.

Three of the best Verina team comps in Wuthering Waves are:

Slot one Slot two Slot three
Wuthering Waves Verina icon


Wuthering Waves Verina icon
Wuthering Waves Jiyan iconJiyan Wuthering Waves Mortefi iconMortefi
Wuthering Waves Verina icon

Rover (havoc)


What are Verina’s ascension materials?

To ascend Verina through the levels, you need a few items.

Ascension rank Materials required
 One – level 20 5k shell credits and four LF howler cores
Two – level 40 10k shell credits, four belle poppies, three elegy tacet cores, four MF howler cores
Three – level 50 15k shell credits, eight belle poppies, six elegy tacet cores, eight MF howler cores
Four – level 60 20k shell credits, 12 belle poppies, nine elegy tacet cores, four HF howler cores
Five – level 70 40k shell credits, 16 belle poppies, 12 elegy tacet cores, eight HF howler cores
Six – level 80 80k shell credits, 20 belle poppies, 16 elegy tacet cores, four FF howler cores

Below are the locations for where to find Verina’s ascension materials.

  • Belle poppies – belle poppies grow in the Sea of Flames area, and you can buy 15 of them from the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou
  • Elegy tacet cores – these are boss drops from the Mourning Aix in the Whining Aix’s Mire
  • Howler cores – you can farm howler cores in the forgery challenge, or purchase them from the in-game store, as well as finding them as drops from overworld enemies
  • Shell credits – shell credits are the in-game currency and can be farmed, earned from enemies and boss drops, or exchanged in the store

Now that you’ve got a healer ready to go, why not take her into the field alongside Wuthering Waves Jiyan, Wuthering Waves Calcharo, or Wuthering Waves Lingyang as your damage dealer? You can also keep up to date with all the latest news and events with our Wuthering Waves banner and Wuthering Waves events guides.