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Wuthering Waves echo guide

The Wuthering Waves echo system can be a little confusing, but with our guide, you can learn about all the best echoes, what they do, and more.

Wuthering Waves echo - Jiyan standing next to a giant monkey

So, what on earth is a Wuthering Waves echo and how do you use it? Essentially, they’re friendly versions of monsters that you can equip and benefit from, offering your character extra stats and extra moves. Our guide goes over how to get them, what they’re for, and all the different types of Wuthering Waves echoes available in the game.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Wuthering Waves echo system.

What are Wuthering Waves echoes?

Echoes in Wuthering Waves act similarly to Genshin Impact’s artifacts and Honkai Star Rail’s relics, if you’ve played those games – they’re essentially equipable monsters that can add to your character’s existing stats along with giving them more buffs such as an elemental damage bonus or a healing boost. Each echo has its own stats, but it also has an ability – if you place it in the first slot, then you can use this in battle by activating the skill.

There are nine different categories of echo, with 12 types in each – these range from cute, small creatures to fearsome boss enemies, and each come in one- to four-star rarity. In total, there are 208 echoes to capture, so let’s get out there and catch ‘em all.

How do I use a Wuthering Waves echo?

In Wuthering Waves, you can equip up to five echoes to each character. Equipping two or five of the same category activates an extra bonus, so it’s best to aim for that when picking out what to give your characters.

When filling up the echoes screen, you’ll notice that there is an energy cost in the top left corner. This grows as you level up your data bank, but to begin, you get a cap of eight. The cost relates to a number in the bottom right corner of every echo’s icon, between 1-4. You can’t exceed your current cost, so you’re limited to equipping echoes with lower numbers in the early game – but as you level up, you can equip ones with a bigger cost.

To add some context, look at the screenshot below. Jiyan has two two-piece sets equipped, activating the two Sonata effects, and the numbers on each echo add up to 12, using up all of the available cost. You can also see the available skill that he can use with the main echo.

The Wuthering Waves echo menu screen showing five equipped echoes

Once you’ve got a set you’re happy with, you can upgrade each echo. Some echoes cap out at level ten, while others cap at level 15 or even 20 depending on their rarity. As you raise their level, you can ‘tune’ each echo, which adds a new stat. This can be super helpful if you get lucky, as you can get an echo with two attack stats, an energy regeneration stat, and an elemental bonus to really boost your DPS.

Two absorbale Wuthering Waves echo traces on a grassy field

How do I get Wuthering Waves echoes?

Each enemy you defeat in the overworld has a chance of dropping a yellow hologram. These holograms are actually echoes, and you can absorb them by interacting with them. If you head to a Tacet Field, then there’s a guarantee that you can absorb a really good echo after completing the challenge. Otherwise, you just need to fight a load of enemies. The good news is that enemies in the overworld constantly respawn, and don’t require any currency to unlock them.

All Wuthering Waves echo types

You can see information about every echo you’ve captured in the data bank, and you can also fuse five of them together to create a random new one. To make picking your echoes a bit easier, we’ve laid out all the different types below, along with their two- and five-piece bonuses.

Here are all the Wuthering Waves echo types:

  • Lingering tunes
    • Two pieces – Increases the equipping character’s attack by 10%
    • Five pieces – When on the field, the equipping character’s attack increases by 5% every 1.5% seconds. This can stack four times. Their outro skill damage increases by 60%
  • Moonlit clouds
    • Two pieces – Increases the equipping character’s energy regeneration by 10%
    • Five pieces – After the equipping character uses their outro skill, the next character to move’s attack increases by 22.5% for 15 seconds
  • Rejuvenating glow
    • Two pieces – Increases the equipping character’s healing bonus by 10%
    • Five pieces – Increases the attack of all party members by 15% for 30 seconds after healing allies
  • Freezing frost
    • Two pieces – Glacio damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Glacio damage increases an extra 10% after the equipping character uses their basic or heavy attack. This can stack three times and each stack lasts 15 seconds
  • Molten rift
    • Two pieces – Fusion damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Fusion damage increases an extra 30% for 15 seconds after the equipping character uses their resonance skill
  • Void thunder
    • Two pieces – Electro damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Electro damage increases an extra 15% after the equipping character uses a heavy attack or resonance skill. This can stack twice and each stack lasts 15 seconds
  • Sierra gale
    • Two pieces – Aero damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Aero damage increases an extra 30% for 15 seconds after a character uses their intro skill
  • Celestial light
    • Two pieces – Spectro damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Spectro damage increases an extra 30% for 15 seconds after a character uses their intro skill
  • Sun-sinking eclipse
    • Two pieces – Havoc damage increases by 10%
    • Five pieces – Havoc damage increases 7.5% after the equipping character uses their basic or heavy attack. This can stack four times, with each stack lasting 15 seconds
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What are the best Wuthering Waves echoes?

Given that there are tons of different turtles, pigs, monsters, and mysterious creatures to choose from, we thought we’d give you a quick list of the best echoes to aim for. Some of these are harder to get as they are versions of the bosses in the game, whereas some are easy to grab in the overworld.

Here are some of the best Wuthering Waves echoes:

  • Bell-Borne Geochelone
    • This Elden Ring-looking echo can give you a shield, lasting for 15 seconds. This provides damage reduction and a damage boost, alongside the glacio attack that the geochelone deals to enemies.
  • Crownless
    • The Crownless echo performs up to four strikes in a combination, the first two of which deal hefty havoc damage, with the third and fourth dealing multiple instances of damage each. This echo also increases your character’s havoc damage.
  • Feilian Beringal
    • You can transform into this gigantic monkey and deal a hefty kick to enemies. If it hits, you then perform a follow-up attack, too. The Feilian Beringal deals aero energy, so would be a great choice for Jiyan, Aalto, or Jianxin.
  • Hoartoise (aka the disco turt)
    • By now you’ve all seen this funky guy dancing away on the field, but it isn’t just for show – activating the hoartoise’s skill turns you into the critter and heals you for 6HP per tick. While this might not be a lot, it’s a reliable way to heal your character.
  • Inferno Rider
    • Ghost Rider, eat your heart out – the Inferno Rider launches three consecutive attacks dealing plenty of fusion damage, while also increasing your character’s fusion damage, too. If you hold the button to activate this echo, you enter ‘Riding Mode’, which is pretty cool and deals more damage.
  • Violet-Feathered Heron
    • This helpful bird allows you to parry an attack and then follow up with a counterattack during battle, which deals a hefty amount of electro damage.

Well, now you’re all clued up on what a Wuthering Waves echo is, why not equip them on your favorite Wuthering Waves character like Wuthering Waves Jiyan, Wuthering Waves Calcharo, Wuthering Waves Verina, or Wuthering Waves Lingyang?