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Wuthering Waves events June 2024

Keep on top of all the current and upcoming Wuthering Waves events to grab heaps of free astrite, tides, and even some free characters.

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Get your calendars ready, Rover, as it’s time to dive into all the current and upcoming Wuthering Waves events. Whether you’re hoping to try out that new five-star resonator, you want to test your mettle in a new combat challenge, or you’re simply looking for some free astrite, we’re here to make sure you never miss a thing.

Beyond these exciting events, there are plenty of other fun things to look forward to in each Wuthering Waves update. Be sure to keep an eye on our Wuthering Waves banner guide so you know which Wuthering Waves characters to pull, and keep checking back for new Wuthering Waves codes so you can snap up all the latest freebies.

Here are all the current and upcoming Wuthering Waves events.

Current Wuthering Waves events

The Second Coming of Solaris

June 13 – 27

The Pioneer Association has recently obtained the game adaptation rights for an extremely popular book entitled ‘The Second Coming of Solaris’, but they’re facing some challenges… So it’s up to you to help!

Don’t worry, though – it’s not quite as complex as it sounds. Maqi issues commissions every day, and all you need to do is deliver the required items in order to gain rewards. These rewards include a total of 420 astrite, a heap of EXP materials, and plenty of shell credits.

Wuthering Exploration

June 13 – 27

Earn rewards as you explore, including 800 astrite, two morphable elite class echoes, a premium tuner, and more.

Intensive Training

June 6 – 28

Use waveplates to claim more rewards from simulation challenges, including Resonator and weapon EXP materials and shell credits.

Solitary Path

June 6 – 28

A mysterious letter arrives from an enigmatic organization known as the Seance Society, claiming to possess the ability to summon departed loved ones. However, this wondrous dream may also be the sweetest poison… Dive into this engaging story to learn more about the enigmatic Wuthering Waves’ Yinlin and earn a bunch of astrite, EXP, and more along the way.

Alloy Smelt

June 6 – 28

Experience the accelerating battles of resonator’s rapidly advancing abilities, and obtain astrite, development materials, and other rewards for your efforts.

Depths of Illusive Realm

May 22 – June 27

Dive into this exciting, roguelike combat event, making use of random illusive echoes, metaphors, and special buffs each time you enter the dungeon. Deploy different techniques and try out a variety of battle styles to clear the levels and earn bountiful rewards, including astrite and phantom echoes.

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Permanent Wuthering Waves events

Gifts of Thawing Frost

Log in for seven days to obtain a total of four lustrous tides and four radiant tides, which you can use to pull on a banner of your choice. On day five, you can also claim the four-star character, Sanhua.

Resonator Trial – Ascendant Aces

In this recurrent event, you get the opportunity to try out the characters featured on the current banner while also earning some handy rewards. The event refreshes with new characters to try out and more items to earn every time a new Character Event Convene drops.

Echo Hunters

Once you reach Union Level eight, you can take part in this permanent event. You get astrite as a reward for collecting target echoes, reaching certain data bank levels, and competing a quest.

Awakening Journey

Increase your union level (character level) to earn a total of 40 lustrous tides, 1.6k astrite, and a standard five-star weapon of your choice, along with other rewards.

Rumbling Hollows

After reaching union level 15, you can take on the Tower of Adversity’s Stable Zone and Experiment Zone to claim the four-star character Yuanwu and other rewards.

Wuthering Waves web events

Battle Rush

June 7 – 27

Share your thrilling battle moments on Twitter, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok with the hastags #WutheringWaves and #WuwaBattle to win 2k astrite and be in with a change to get featured  on the official Wuthering Waves social media channels with direct credits.

In addition to the free astrite, Kuro Games will select ten extra winners to receive a $50 Amazon gift card – so get ready to unleash those powerful moves!

Head over to the official news post to find out more and take part today.

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Upcoming Wuthering Waves events

Chord Cleansing

Version 1.0

Earn double echo materials during this limited time event.

That’s all we’ve got on the current and new Wuthering Waves events. For more gacha game goodness, be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail codes, Honkai Star Rail events, Genshin Impact codes, and Genshin Impact events guides.