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Roblox in real life: new Adopt Me toys are on the way

Show off your dedication with the range of Adopt Me toys, expanding with new plush, figures, and playsets soon to grow your collection.

Adopt Me toys: a plush kiwi toy wearing a hat and a scarf

We’re not afraid to admit we like Roblox here at Pocket Tactics, especially when there’s talk of adorable plush to collect – just like the new Adopt Me toys and plush on the way. You can see the full range of toys over on Amazon, or head to some of your local shops to find the merch.

Next year sees the launch of Uplift Games mascot as a plush – a kiwi bird clad in aviator goggles and a scarf – releasing in January 2024. This adds to a huge catalog of playsets, figurines, mystery capsules, and plush toys of almost every animal you can imagine.

Not only are they fuzzy and loveable, but every single toy comes with a unique code you can use in the game for some extra treats. If you’re eager to get some of the brand’s toys, head to your local Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, Argos, Asda, Smyths… they’re everywhere.

Adopt Me is all about adopting and raising cute virtual pets that you can trade with other players to get rarer options. The game is a runaway success for developer Uplift Games, which now has a whole merchandise range behind it on top of some eyewateringly high user stats. By the way, we’ve got guides to help you collect all the Adopt Me pets, when the next Adopt Me update is, and everything you need to know about Adopt Me trading values, too.

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The game had over 1.9 million concurrent players in one day, and has well over 30 billion visits in total – the number only continues to climb. I mean, there’s a reason it’s so popular – it’s addictive, easy to play, and filled with cute animals. What’s not to love?

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