Age of Empires mobile – can I play it on my phone?

There are a handful of Age of Empires mobile versions, but to get the full-fat experience you’re going to have to stick with PC (at least for now)

Art for Age of Empires, showing various explorers looking out at a desert-like landscape. The figures are silhouettes, and the scene is outlined with the drawing of a castle.

Age of Empires is a classic strategy title, one that has been a staple of the genre for many players. But, just like countless other grand strategy games, it’s pretty hard to get it on mobile. This can be for a lot of different reasons, but the main one is the fact that these sorts of games are quite difficult to play on a small screen.

But there are some Age of Empires mobile options, even if they’re all a bit difficult to get hold of. So, in this guide, we outline the different ways you can play it on the go, even if none of them are perfect at the moment, sadly.

Do keep your eyes peeled, though, as, since the release of Age of Empires IV, Microsoft has probably enlivened a new group of fans, and maybe stronger interest could push it to put the game on more platforms. For more strategy fun, check out our guide to the best games like Age of Empires (some are on mobile!), or we’ve got the best Tetris games, flying games, or monster games if you’re after something different.

Is Age of Empires on mobile?

The short answer is: yes, Age of Empires is on mobile, but it’s not very easy to come by. Age of Empires Mobile: Return to Empire, developed by Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group in partnership with Xbox Game Studios, sure is Age of Empires mobile, but it’s only available in China at the moment.

Sadly, there has been no news from anyone involved as to a global Age of Empires mobile release. So, while it’s available on your phone, you’re going to have to find some workarounds to get it on there and probably also read all the tutorials in Chinese.

A scene from Age of Empires, showing a castle settlement, with various battlements and old buildings, foliage dotting pathways, and tiny figures walking around.

Is Age of Empires IV on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Age of Empires IV, the latest mainline entry in the series, is not currently available through Xbox Cloud Gaming, but the company has said that it’s planning to bring PC titles to its cloud service soon enough. There’s still no news of when that will happen, however.

So, until we get PC titles on Xbox Cloud Gaming, there’s no easy way to play any Age of Empires games on mobile. Maybe try buying really old iPhones to see if they have Age of Empires: World Domination downloaded? – a title canned in 2016 (less than a year after release). Actually, don’t, it wasn’t very good.

That’s all the Age of Empires mobile details we’ve got for you. For something different, check out our Mining Simulator 2 codes, Arena Champions codes, and Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes to get some freebies in those games.