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Anime Crossover codes May 2024

Grab these new Anime Crossover codes to get stacks of gems, crystal helix, and food items to make your build better than ever.

Anime Crossover codes: a character standing in a building with a dark sky outside it

May 21, 2024: We added new Anime Crossover codes!

Everyone loves a good tower-defense Roblox game, right? And what’s better than one where you can use your favorite anime characters? We’ve got all the new Anime Crossover codes here for you to boost you up in the game with more gems, rift orbs, and food items. We’ll keep checking these Anime Crossover Defense codes and make sure they’re all up to date for you.

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Here are all the new Anime Crossover codes:

  • Bean- 1k gems, ten crystal helix
  • MiniUpdate – 1k gems, ten crystal helix
  • 100kmembers – 1k gems, ten crystal helix
  • 1mvisits – 1k gems, ten crystal helix
  • 15k – 300 gems, five crystal helix
  • 10k – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • BlamSpot – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • ZerozKingner – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • MozKing – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • Valk – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • Release – 1k gems, five crystal helix, and 90 star shards
  • Sebbyastian – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • KingLuffy – 300 gems and five crystal helix
  • Fish – 200 gems, five crystal helix, 90 star shards, one legendary rift orb, two sushi rolls, and one cupcake
  • StarCodeVanilla – 300 gems and five crystal helix

How to redeem Anime Crossover codes in the Roblox game including the location and code box

How do I use Anime Crossover codes?

Redeeming codes in Anime Crossover isn’t quite as simple as some other games, so follow these steps.

  • Open up Anime Crossover in Roblox
  • When you’re in the game, look down the stairs and around the lobby – you’ll see a green circle on the floor with Naruto standing next to it
  • Stand in the circle and the screen to redeem codes pops up
  • Type or paste in a code one at a time
  • Hit Redeem Code

There you go, plenty of gems and crystals right in your pocket.

What are Anime Crossover codes?

These Anime Crossover Defense codes provide plenty of in-game currencies that you can spend on improving your build – and therefore, taking down more enemies at once. You can spend the crystal helix items to get new traits and reroll for different ones if you’d like.

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