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Anime Fantasy tier list May 2024

Use our Roblox Anime Fantasy tier list to find out who has the power to pierce the heavens and who falls flat on their face in battle.

Anime Fantasy tier list: Sung Jin Woo's character model outlined in white and pasted on a location screenshot from the game

In our Anime Fantasy tier list, we’ve ranked each of the blocky counterparts to powerful anime heroes found in the game according to how they perform overall and in Infinite mode. Use this guide to put together the strongest tower defense team you can in this popular anime-inspired game.

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Let’s dive right into our Anime Fantasy tier list. Remember, these rankings are subjective, so don’t be afraid to experiment and use your favorite units even if we rate them poorly.

Overall Anime Fantasy tier list

Tier Anime Fantasy character
S BlackHair, Brulo, Bulme, Fire Fist, God of Sky, SpeedCEO, Sung Jin Woo
A Levy, Sasuka
B Naruta, Rengonut

Anime Fantasy tier list: Art from the game's Roblox page

Anime Fantasy infinite tier list

Use this tier list to see where your units rank in the Infinite game mode.

Tier Anime Fantasy character
S BlackHair, Brulo, Fire Fist, God of Sky, Sasuka, SpeedCEO, Sung Jin Woo
A Bulme, Levy
B Rengonut
C Naruta

That’s it for our Anime Fantasy tier list. If you need some extra boosts to pull the best units, check out our Anime Fantasy codes list. We’ve also got heaps more freebies like free Monopoly Go dice, Coin Master free spins, and Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins.