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Type Soul tier list May 2024

We have an extensive Type Soul tier list that ranks the Roblox game’s weapons, skills, races, and more, so you can loot up, level up, and complete raids.

type soul character in a white puffer coat

Our Type Soul tier list can help you level up, train, and take on bosses and other players in this Roblox game inspired by the infamous anime, Bleach. Type Soul is a huge open world with plenty to do, and it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to decide what direction you want your character to go in. So to help you make the right choices, we’ve ranked some of the main components of the game, and hopefully, these decisions help you score some tasty loot and defeat your opponents.

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Type Soul race tier list

Let’s take a look at the best races to play as in Type Soul. Choosing your race depends on how you like to play and what you’re trying to get out of your battles in Type Soul, so it will, of course, depend on preference. But here we rank the races in Type Soul for what best fits the current meta, and we take factors like learning new techniques and wielding specific weapons into account.

Rank Type Soul Races
S Vizard, Vastocar
A Soul Reaper, Quincy, Adjucar
B Menoscar, Vasto Lorde
C Lost Soul, Adjuchas
D Menos, Fishbone

type soul electro character

Type Soul skills tier list

With the various skill trees available in Type Soul, getting the most out of them largely depends on what class you play as. So we’ve put together a generalized ranking of the Type Soul skill trees, taking into account whether they’re balanced across most classes or whether they’re class-specific.

Rank Type Soul skills
S Hakuda
A KidoKendo
B Healing, Speed

Now, remember, this is a generalized Type Soul skills tier list, so there may well be some skill trees here that work better with some races and classes but are terrible with others. It always depends on how you play and what benefits you want, so if you’re a stoic support player and want to pump out the heals, go for Healing, and if you want to just stomp on everyone, then Hakuda is always going to be a safe bet no matter your race.

Type Soul essences tier list

Now, you can argue that creating an essences tier list is rather pointless because, really, there are no bad essences in Type Soul. Essences work as buffs for your character, and so, like we’ve said before, the utility you gain from them mostly depends on what class and style you play. But for the sake of argument, we’ve ranked the Type Soul essences below in the order we feel fits best for most.

Rank Type Soul essences
S Unseen Blade, Bala Fireworks, Territorial Mark
A Horizon, Partial, Blitz
B Fusion

Note that Fusion is actually bugged right now, so there’s a chance it could move up in the meta once the developer fixes it, but for now, it sits in the mid-section.

type soul character in a white and gold suit with a sword

Type Soul Shikai tier list

Now, let’s take a look at all of the Shikai Elements in Type Soul. Shikai can vary in rarity, and naturally, most of the Legendary Shikai feature highly in our ranking. But we’ve gathered them all in one place so you can see where these buffs currently sit in the meta. Same as before, though, all of these rankings are dependent on your class and how you enjoy playing the game. So take them all with a pinch of salt!

Rank Type Soul Shikai
S Blood (legendary), Ice (legendary), Flower (legendary), Theatre (legendary)
A Lightning (common), Zangetsu (rare), Ink (legendary)
B Berserk (common), Fire (common), Shadow (rare), Water (common), Wind (rare)
C Confusion (common), Creation (common)

Type Soul weapons tier list

It’s understandable if you want to dive right into battle and test your mettle against other players as well as formidable bosses. But in order to succeed, you’re going to need the best weapon, so we ranked all the available weapons in Type Soul in the table below.

Rank Type Soul weapons
S Paintbrush, Longsword
A Greatsword, Katana, Dual Swords, Dagger
B Hammer, Hakuda Gauntlets, Spear, Scythe
C Twinblade

Now, bear in mind that this ranking isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. If you’re absolutely cracked with the hammer, then go forth and bonk heads, or if you hate the paintbrush (some of us aren’t artistic, and that’s okay), then you don’t have to use it. Although these tier lists reflect the current meta, it ultimately comes down to what you enjoy using.

But there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about abilities and weapons in Type Soul. We hope this tier list helps you decide what class to play as and what weapons and essences to wield when going up against your enemies. For some extra in-game freebies, be sure to check out our other anime-inspired Roblox code lists, such as our Jujutsu Shenanigans codes, Blox Fruits codes, and Haze Piece codes.