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Apex Racer codes

Apex Racer codes are here to help you speed through this Android and iOS retro racer with free in-game rewards so you can keep everything on track.

Apex Racer codes - a silver car with a boxy rear and rounded nose, seen from the side in a large empty hall with light coming in through tall windows.

Apex Racer codes are exactly what you think. They’re free gifts from the developer Pixeldev Games to bag you all kinds of goodies in-game, helping you climb up the ranks in this 2.5D retro racing game for iOS and Android.

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Apex Racer codes

Active codes:

  • 100K – free rewards
  • Tuner – free rewards
  • Sell – free rewards
  • Hotfix – free rewards
  • ios777 – free rewards (iOS only!)
  • Discord – free rewards
  • Gold – free rewards

Expired codes:

There are currently no expired Apex Racer codes.

Apex Racer codes - various cars in various colour in a pixel-art grid. There's a blue Bugatti-like a green street racer, a silver Merc GWagon copycat, and a few others.

What are Apex Racer codes?

Apex Racer codes are free in-game rewards given out by the developer Pixeldev Games. It’s likely we’ll find more in the future when the game hits a milestone or the developer has something to celebrate, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

How do I redeem Apex Racer codes?

Redeeming Apex Racer codes is super simple, just follow these steps:

  • Boot up Apex Racer via Google Play or iOS
  • Head into the settings via the cog on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Tap the silhouette icon on the left menu in settings
  • Type in one of the codes above into the ‘input code’ section
  • Hit the arrow in the top right corner and enjoy your freebies!

There you have it, all the latest Apex Racer codes and how to redeem them. For more, check out the best racing games on mobile or the best Switch racing games to keep the high-speed action going.