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All Roblox Aura Craft recipes

Get creative with our list of all the Aura Craft recipes in this intriguing Roblox adventure game, from fire and water to jedi and synthwave.

Aura Craft recipes - a character with a green aura around them

If you fancy a Roblox experience a little different to all the anime fighting and clicker games, then we suggest you try your hand at these Aura Craft recipes. The game is similar to titles like Little Alchemy, where you combine elements to make new ones, then again, into bigger and better auras.

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All Aura Craft recipes

Here are the recipes for all the craftable auras in the game.

Aura Recipe
Abundance Infinite and monk
Adrenaline Metal and power
AI Zenith and technology
Air Tree and tree
Alien Moon and rocket
Amber  Death and gem
Angel God and time
Apex Life and vengeance
Apocalypse Doom and doom
Apollo Star and god
Aquatic Life and water
Ares Knight and god
Aurora Borealis Space and spirit
Awesome Joy and hyper
Balance Perfection and monk
Batman Bat and superhero
Beacon Starlight and zenith
Big bang  Space and explosive
Black hole Vortex and space
Blizzard Storm and snow
Blossom Ninja and plant
Boss Darkness and power
Breeze Air and calm
Brokie Cycle and wealth
Bubbles Magic and water
Buddha Monk and energy
Butterfly Nature and life
Calm Monk and air
Chained Death and freedom
Chaos Unity and death
Chemistry  Geometry and science
Cloud  Air and air
Coal Stone and stone
Contrast Cycle and equinox
Courage Power and power
Crab Aquatic and rhythm
Crimson King Fire and VIP
Crust Earth and eruption
Cryogen Time and ice
Cryptic Vision and hypnotic
Cursed Darkness and darkness
Daisy Life and rose
Dark Angel Phantom and darkness
Dark matter Space and time
Darkness Void and death
Darth Jedi and supervillain
Death Life and cycle
Deception Wonder and mystery
Demon Ninja and fire
Desert Sand and stand
Devil God and death
Disco Energy and party
Divine Power and angel
Doom Metal and power
Dragon Power and phoenix
Dream Time and sleep
Drought Desert and death
Dubstep Power and rhythm
Dust Plant and fire
Earthquake Earth and spirit
Eclipse Cycle and space
Emerald Gem and luck
Ender Magic and portal
Energy Water and dust
Equinox Tranquility and serenity
Eruption Geyser and magma
Eternal Energy and infinite
Eternal flame Energy and fire
Euphoria Energy and radiance
Explosive Plasma and radioactive
Fairy Magic and life
Fermotic  Synthwave and plasma
Firefly Star and life
Fission Nuclear and supernova
Floral Rainbow and spring
Freedom  Spring and life
Frostbite Blizzard and life
Future Time and infinite
Galaxy Space and space
Gem  Coal and coal
Geometry Unity and balance
Geyser Water and volcano
Giga Divine and noob
Glacier  Ice and earth
Glitter  Rainbow and shimmer
God Sky and life
Gold Water and coal
Graveyard Earth and haunted
Gravity  Energy and space
Harmony Cloud and rainbow
Harp Rhythm and zen
Haunted Phantom and phantom
Heartbreak Love and death
Heaven Sky and god
Hellbent Death and rage
Hidden Darkness and deception
Hip hop Speed and rhythm
Hurricane Storm and storm
Hyper Adrenaline and speed
Hypnotic Life and rainbow
Ice Water and time
Infinite Time and time
Infinite vortex Vortex and infinite
Inspiration Time and power
Itadori Sorcerer and rage
Jedi Space and superhero
Joker Sinister and Batman
Joy Sad and cycle
Karm Past and future
King of Fire Fire and magic
Knight Royal power and life
Ko Ninja and rage
Lava Fire and earth
 Life  Time and plant
Lightning Energy and storm
Love Rainbow and rose
Luck Ring and life
Luxury Supreme and supreme
Macabre Reaper and reaper
Magic  Spirit and spirit
Magma Lava and lava
Magnetic Stone and gravity
Medusa God and nightmare
Mermaid  Aquatic and life
Metal Fire and stone
Meteor   Stone and space
Meteor shower  Meteor and meteor
MLG Noob and big bang
Monk  Yin yang and water
Moon  Night and stone
Muse  Rainbow and Buddha
Mystery  Infinite and infinite
Mystic Time and magic
Nature  Energy and tree
 Nebula Gravity and life
Necromancer Death and energy
Night  Sky and time
Nightmare Sleep and death
Ninja Monk and fire
Noob Troll and sad
North star  Star and aurora borealis
Nuclear Explosive and radioactive
Ocea n Water and water
Ominous  Courage and time
Omniscient  God and future
Party Phonk and adrenaline
Past Wonder and future
 Peace Raven and harmony
Perfection Gem and time
Phantom Death and peace
Phoenix Life and fire
Phonk Future and rhythm
Pirate Sinister and aquatic
Plague Life and toxic
Planet Earth and star
Plant Earth and water
Plasma Lightning and lightning
Platinum Life and explosive
Portal Magic and vortex
Poseidon Trident and god
Power Energy and life
Prism Perfection and third eye
Pulse Love and rhythm
Quartz Stone and rainbow
Quasar Galaxy and pure
Radiance Courage and energy
Radioactive Energy and toxic
Rage Demon and energy
Rain Sad and cloud
Rainbow Spirit and storm
Raven Death and life
Reaper Devil and life
Relativity Gravity and vision
Revenge Rage and vengeance
Rhythm RNG and infinite
Rift Wind and portal
RNG Yin yang and time
Robot Metal and life
Rocket Space and science
Rose Plant and nature
Royalty Life and god
Ruby Gem and love
Sand Stone and dust
 Sandstorm Energy and sand
Science Life and space
Serenity Harmony and harmony
Shadow Darkness and starlight
Shimmer Magic and wind
Singularity Infinite vortex and quasar
Sinister Doom and life
Sith  Darth and supreme
Sky  Wind and air
Sleep  Time and monk
Snow  Ice and spirit
 Solar wind Wind and star
 Sorcerer Magic and magic
Space Sky and sky
Specter  Life and phantom
Speed Ninja and wind
Sphinx Desert and geometry
Spirit Dust and fire
Spout Water and tornado
Spring Infinite and blossom
Star Earth and space
Starlight Star and magic
 Stone  Earth and earth
 Storm Water and spirit
 Sunshine Energy and sky
Super Power and energy
Superb  Gold and harmony
Superhero Life and super
Supernova Gravity and star
Supervillain  Devil and super
Supreme Power and boss
 Swamp Water and tree
Synthwave Rythm and technology
Tacos Awesome and rain
Technology  Energy and science
Techntronic  Synthwave and speed
Tesla Lightning and metal
 Third eye Monk and rainbow
Tornado Spirit and wind
Toxic Fire and death
 Tranquility  Sleep and calm
Treasure Stone and gem
Tree Plant and plant
Trident  Life and tsunami
Troll  Technology and cursed
Tsunami Water and storm
Twilight Sky and night
 UFO Alien and rocket
 Unity Power and life
Vengeance  Life and reaper
Vibrance Earth and gem
Vision Infinite and god
Void  Time and black hole
 Unity Power and life
Volcano Lava and earth
 Vortex Earth and galaxy
Waterfall  Water and power
Wealth Gold and boss
Werewolf Death and cycle
Wicket  Time and sinister
Wildfire Fire and fire
Wonder  Life and mystery
Wraith Death and spirit
Yin yang  Water and fire
Yoda   Zen and jedi
Zen Calm and ninja
Zenith Life and life
Zeus Lightning and god

Non-craftable auras

As well as crafting auras, you can get some by doing tasks in the game. The first aura you get in this way is the time aura, which appears after you spend one minute in the game.

You can also get certain auras from the shop as a random pull. There is a 90% chance of a ‘brilliant’ level aura, an 8% chance of a ‘cosmic’ aura, a 2% chance of a ‘jackpot’, and a 0.05% chance of a mystery aura. Note that these pulls cost Robux, not a currency you can earn in the game. The auras on offer include cycle, pure, challenge, VIP, and sad.

Some auras require you to visit a certain location in the game. These include the bat aura, which you can get by simply entering the cave on the smaller island, across the bridge. You can also get the lava aura by, um, jumping into the lava pit.

How to make Aura Craft recipes in the Roblox game

How do I make auras in Aura Craft?

Once you’re in the game, making auras in Aura Craft is simple. Click the ‘craft’ button at the bottom of the screen, then hit which elements you want to combine. Initially, you only have four, but after mixing two together, you’ll start to expand your library very soon. Then, it’s a case of trying and testing recipes (or using our guide) to make new auras.

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