The best bear Pokémon

If you're looking to make a fearsome team, the best bear Pokémon are the bare necessities in the series for you to make a bear-illiant team out of.

bear Pokémon: an Ursaring on abrown Pocket Tactics background

No matter what your favorite animal is, there are some Pokémon that fit it. So now it’s the turn of the bear Pokémon. This list spans the mainline entries and Pokémon Go, as nearly all these bears are in the mobile game. Sorry, but Snorlax does not make the cut here, I don’t think it’s a bear. Spinda also doesn’t count, as it’s a red panda, which despite the name, is not a bear.

We’ve also pulled together all the best bear games for you ursine fans, or if you need more Pokémon stuff, here’s all you need to know about electric Pokémon weaknesses, rock Pokémon weaknesses, and how to evolve Applin.

Let’s roar into our list of the best bear Pokémon.

Kubfu, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion introduced Kubfu. It’s an upright bear cub with a constantly grouchy expression that you take on a whimsical adventure around the isle. It’s a pure fighting-type and is designed to look like it’s wearing typical fighting gear worn when practicing kung fu.

Urshifu, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Kubfu, after a while, evolves into Urshifu and can be one of two types. These two types are Single Strike or Rapid Strike Urshifu, and depend on which scroll you show to it in the Isle of Armor expansion to Sword and Shield. The difference in these is the stance that the Pokémon has and its secondary type – Single Strike gets the dark-type, whereas Rapid Strike gets the bonus of water-typing.

Stufful, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Cute little Stufful is extremely strong given its small size, which is no surprise when you realize it evolves into Bewear. Stuffuls like to be left alone and don’t appreciate company from strangers. It’s a normal and fighting dual type found in the Alola region.

Bewear,one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Found in the lush forests of Alola, don’t let Bewear’s cute appearance fool you – it’s a dangerous Pokémon that can put up a serious fight. Did you know its hugs are strong enough to break bones – isn’t that neat? Bewear is a good choice of teammate thanks to its dual type of normal and fighting, and incredible strength.

Pancham one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


It’s not a collection of bears without a panda, and Pancham is here to fight that corner. In classic Pokémon-style, Pancham is a small cub that has a suitably beefy evolution. When they’re young Panchams looks up to Pangoro and try to copy its behavior in the wild.

Pangoro, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Pangoro resides deep in the jungles of Kalos and is known as the Daunting Pokémon. It evolves from Pancham, and boy does it get a glow-up. No longer a cute lil’ friend, Pancham packs a punch with its powerful moves and fighting/dark-type.

Cubchoo, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Polar bears are also, thankfully, featured in the Pokémon franchise. Cubchoo – complete with a frozen drippy nose – roam the icy biomes of most games after Pokémon Black and White. Its frosty snot is key to its moves, as it uses it as raw materials. It also wipes it on people it doesn’t like.

Beartic, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Evolving from the teeny tiny Cubchoo is Beartic, the formidable, upright ice-type bear. Beartic grows a beard as it evolves from that one lonely booger that Cubchoo had, too. This cool companion is a solid choice for anyone who needs an ice-type on their team, plus, it can learn some water and normal moves, too.

Teddiursa, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Yep, you guessed it, Teddiursa is a small and adorable bear cub Pokémon. This time, it’s likely modeled on a moon or a sun bear, but with a particularly lunar twist that plays on the Ursa Major constellation – the Great Bear. If you were wondering why Teddirusas always have their paws in front of their face, it’s because they’re covered in honey and they lick them.

Ursaring, one of the best bear pokémon stood in a jungle.


Teddiursa grows up to be Ursaring, another scary-looking upright bear. Ursaring shows its angry nature in Scarlet and Violet, where once it spots a player, it gives a relentless chase often ending in a tough battle. Ursaring may be purely normal-type, but don’t let that discourage you from using it in a team.

Ursaluna, one of the best bear pokémon on a jungle background.


Despite its slightly silly appearance, Ursaluna is a great Pokémon for any team. Introduced in Pokémon Legends Arceus, it originates from the ancient Hisui region but now finds itself in modern-day Pokémon Go so we can use it to defend our local gyms.

Plus, there’s now a Bloodmoon form of Ursaluna in Scarlet and Violet, courtesy of the Teal Mask DLC, found in the Kitakami region.

There you have it, all the best bear Pokémon! Ok, it’s just a list of every bear-shaped ‘mon, but that’s because they’re all the bear-st. Moving on, why not check out our thoughts on the best mobile games, then grab all the new Pokémon Go codes and Pokémon Unite codes for some neat freebies?