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Applin evolution - how to get Flapple and Appletun

Want to perform an Applin evolution? Sweet talk one of generation eight’s most interesting Pokémon, to get two fruity dragon-types.

Applin evolution: the apple-shaped Pokémon on a green background

Want to know how to make an Applin evolution happen? We can’t blame you, because there’s nothing better than food-themed Pokémon, and Applin proves this. But what’s even better is its three evolutions: Appletun, Dipplin, and Flapple. So, what items do we need and where can we find them? Read on to learn how to evolve Applin into three sweet and tasty dragon-types.

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How do I evolve Applin?

Applin is part of Galar’s regional dex and also appears in Scarlet and Violet – although is a very rare catch. It’s a worm that lives inside an apple and evolves into Flapple the flying, opened-up apple dragon, Appletun, a friendly dragon shaped like a large, round, apple pie, or Dipplin, a candy apple ‘mon.

Here is where you can find an Applin in the wild:

  • Sword and Shield – Axew’s Eye, Bridge Field, Dappled Grove, Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Mirror, Rolling Fields, Route Five, Stony Wilderness
    • Expansion pass locations – Challenge Beach, Fields of Honor, Forest of Focus, Insular Sea, Loop Lagoon, Soothing Wetlands, Stepping-Stone Sea, Training Lowlands, Workout Sea
  • Scarlet and Violet – North Province Area One and Two, East Province Area One and Two, South Province Area One, Two, and Four, West Province Area Three, Casseroya Lake, Tagtree Thicket
    • Expansion pass locations – Apple Hills, Kitakami Road, Mossfell Confluence

To evolve these cuties you need either a sweet apple, tart, or syrupy apple. The sweet apple evolves Applin into Appletun, the tart apple causes it to evolve into Flapple, and the syrupy apple turns Applin into Dipplin.

In Sword and Shield, these items are locked to the different versions of the game, and to get the other evolution in your game, you need to trade with another trainer. Even if you have the correct item, your Applin won’t evolve to the other game-locked evolution. The sweet apple, and Appletun, are in Pokémon Shield, whereas Flapple and the tart apple are in Pokémon Sword.

The Applin evolution Appletun on a bright pink background

Where do I get sweet, tart, and syrupy apple items?

So you’ve got your Applin and now you want to evolve it. Here’s where to get the sweet and tart apple items in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Head to Hammerlocke’s exit to Route Six, and look for a boy wearing an orange jacket. He asks to see your Applin as he’s somewhat of an enthusiast. Don’t worry – he gives it straight back, along with the evolution item for your game copy. Sweet and tart apples also occasionally come as rewards from any Battle Café in the Galar region.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there are a couple of places to find the two fruity items. You can find the apples listed for sale at the auction house in Porto Marinada, and you can purchase them from any Delibird Present store once you defeat at least three Gym Leaders. The items cost 2,200 Pokédollars from this store.

Introduced in Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Mask DLC, the syrupy apple item can be found by going to Mossfell Confluence. There is an unattended stall selling the apples for 500 Pokédollars each.

Is Applin in Pokémon Go?

It looks like we need to wait a little longer before we get the fruity friend on mobile – Applin is not currently in Pokémon Go.

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