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How to get the Blade Ball OP title

Here’s how to get the Blade Ball OP title and what it can do for you in the smash-hit Roblox game that everyone is currently playing.

Blade Ball OP - a character dressed as a ninja using a sword

Do you want to make yourself known in Blade Ball? Then how about getting yourself the Blade Ball OP title to show off your status? The title appears next to a player’s name and looks like the word ‘OP’ if you smoosh the two letters together. From what we can tell, getting this title doesn’t net you any benefits other than lording your superiority over your potential sparring partners.

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How do I get the Blade Ball OP title?

Getting the mysterious and coveted OP title in Blade Ball is rather simple. Head into the Roblox game and then into a private server. Once you’re in, all you’ve got to do is battle someone and win.

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How do I join a private server in Blade Ball?

There are two ways to join a private server and snag that title. You can choose to create a private server while in the Roblox Player menu, or you can make one from the Blade Ball web page underneath the ‘Servers’ tab. Making a server is free, so there’s not much reason not to do it.

What does OP mean in Blade Ball?

Though we can’t say for sure as there is no definitive Roblox glossary, OP likely stands for ‘overpowered’ in Blade Ball, meaning you’re overpowered if you manage to win. Some boosts in the game are also referred to as OP, meaning they’re the best ones to get. You can check out our Blade Ball tier list for more information on the best skills available.

Well, there you have it. A new way to get a snazzy title in Blade Ball. If you want to hop into some other games, we recommend grabbing these Honkai Star Rail codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Peroxide codes for some cool freebies.