Peroxide codes September 2023

Roblox Peroxide codes are here to help you get free goodies in the Bleach-inspired experience full of dashing, slashing, and attacking.

Peroxide codes header showing a manga-style black and white picture of two men, one old with long white beard, and another with a black shredded mask on, on either sides of the frame with a sort of flame lit between them.

Peroxide codes are a must-have for any Bleach-obsessed Roblox fans, as they can nab you free rewards and bonuses in this virtual playground inspired by the manga and anime. With essence being, uh, essential to the game, why not head below and grab some for free?

Once you’ve grabbed all the freebies below, be sure to bookmark this page and come back often – we add new codes as soon as they show up. For more, check out our Omniheroes codes, Anime Energy Clash Simulator codes, Arm Wrestle Simulator codes, Bee Swarm Simulator codes, and A Hero’s Destiny codes. We just love giving out free goodies!

Here are all of the new Peroxide codes:

  • FungusAmongus10K – free essence (new!)
  • Grimdub10k – free essence (new!)
  • 190KLikesWOW – free essence (new!)
  • 200kFavs – free essence (new!)
  • 80MVisitsTyrone – free essence (new!)
  • GrilledCheeseFluffy – free essence and more (new!)
  • VerminUpdate – essence
  • 200kFavs – essence
  • 180kLikesUpdateSoon – essence
  • 70mvisitsweirdge – essence
  • 60MVisits – essence
  • GrimaceAmongus – 15 essence

Expired codes:

  • 170KLikesCodeGoblins
  • Sussyamogusimposter
  • DataOopsieDaisy2
  • DataOopsieDaisy1
  • EmergencyShutdownCodeForBrokenServers
  • 160kLikes99IsoP
  • 150kLikesJoeYipee1231123!!
  • 50MVisits!?!?!Wow!!
  • HairRatsMatter155!
  • CodeGoblins
  • ThxForFollowingTyDev10!
  • 40MVisits!!!
  • 30MVisits!
  • 20MVisits!
  • 100kLikesYouAllAreEatingGood
  • 110kLikesYouLittleCritters
  • 120kLikesHolyMoly
  • 130kLikesInfiniteCodes
  • 140kLikesNewContentSoon
  • 80kLikesSorryForACStrikes
  • AmogusGrimaceShake
  • 60kLikesHiGuys
  • RELEASE!!!!
  • 10MVisits!
  • 40kLikesRobloxAPICantHandle60k
  • 50kLikesWowThatWasFast
  • 30kLikesThanksForSupportingUs
  • FreeSlot20kLikes
  • Easter2023
  • RainbowAmongus
  • IWillStartReportingBugsAndAntiCheatBugsWithClips
  • LosNochesGetsSomething
  • SuperBalancingCode
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What are Peroxide codes?

Peroxide codes are free treats given out by the developer, also called Peroxide. These can pop up for different events or milestones the game reaches, so be sure to check back often to grab your free essence!

How do I redeem Peroxide codes?

Redeeming Peroxide codes is super easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Boot up Peroxide in Roblox
  • Tap the bird icon
  • Type in one of our codes
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy the free goodies!

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