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Blue Lock PWC tier list May 2024

Our Blue Lock PWC tier list is here to help you learn who the best characters are, while our Blue Lock PWC reroll guide ensures you get them.

Blue Lock PWC tier list key art showing various characters sprinting in their soccer kit

Our Blue Lock PWC tier list is here to help you ensure you have the best characters on your team. We’re even here to tell you how Blue Lock PWC rerolls work so you can get who you want as soon as you’re ready to step onto the pitch. This soccer training game, based on the popular anime of the same name, looks to be an absolute treat for fans, so let’s dive into our Blue Lock Project: World Champion tier list.

Our help goes beyond these rankings, though. We also have a Blue Lock PWC codes guide to help you get handy extras such as currency. If you want to see more content like this, our Genshin Impact tier list, League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list, Honkai Star Rail tier list, and Anime Clash tier list are great reads.

Blue Lock PWC tier list

As with any ranking we do, our Blue Lock PWC tier list takes into account our personal experience as well as the thoughts of the community, with some extra research thrown in for good measure. Content such as this is entirely subjective.

If we put a character in rank D but you think they’re a game changer for you, that’s great, go ahead and use them. One of the best things about gacha games is the abundance of characters and the difference they can make to individual players, even if they don’t provide the same support for other gamers.

Rank Blue Lock PWC characters
S Tsurugi (Gonor-Revoking Defense), Isagi (Striker)
A Bachira (Versatile Footwork), Nagi (Out-Of-This-World Ideas), Karasu, Mitoma (Lightning Speed), Isagi (First Step Towards Destiny), Raichi (Tenacity), Kunigami (Prodigal Left Foot), Mikage (Intimable Mimicry), Nagi (The Impetus Known as Curiosity), Itoshi (Decisive Moment)
B Hiyori, Chigiri (Seething Heat), Bachira (Dribbler), Gagamaru (Acrobat), Barou (I Am the King), Gagamaru (Flexible Body), Raichi (Stamina Incarnate), Kuon (High Jumper), Barou (Intense Individual), Wanima (Eye Contact with My Little Bro), Raichi (Stamina Incarnate), Igarashi (Amen), Kira (Jewel of Japanese Soccer), Naruhaya (Class Clown), Mikage (Scion), Chigiri (Speedster), Ohkawa (Kumamoto’s Top Scorer), Itoshi (New BL Rankings: Rank 1)
C Niko (Mastermind), Kunigami (Team Z), Igarashi (Relentless Spirit), Niko (Team Y’s Heart)
D Kira (Team Z), Igarashi (Team Z), Iemon (Team Z), Ohkawa (Team Y), Naruhaya (Team Z), Imamura (Team Z), Niko (Team Y)
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How do I do a Blue Lock PWC reroll?

As with many games of this nature, Blue Lock PWC rerolls can help you get the best characters immediately, but it can take time and patience to get who you want. Here’s how you do a Blue Lock PWC reroll:

  • Launch Blue Lock PWC
  • Log in using a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Use your available summons
  • If you get the character you want, go ahead and bind your account, or complete the following steps to do a reroll:
    • Delete the game data
    • Repeat the above steps with another guest account
    • Rinse and repeat until you get the character you want

That concludes our Blue Lock PWC tier list, hopefully, our rankings, alongside our Blue Lock PWC reroll guide, help you to get the squad you want. For even more great anime games, make sure you check out our guide detailing the best ones on Nintendo Switch and mobile.