Where is the Chrono Trigger Switch port?

A Chrono Trigger Switch port feels inevitable, given the console’s JRPG roster and the game’s immense pedigree, yet the classic is not yet on Nintendo’s hybrid

Chrono Trigger Switch mockup showing a Nintendo Switch OLED Model flat, with two white joy cons attached, superimposed onto a mango yellow background, with art from the game appearing on the screen. In the art is a man with pale skin and pointed ears, long white hair blowing in the wind, and a red shawl billowing, in a close up of his face and shoulders against a cloudy grey sky.

“Where the heck is a Chrono Trigger Switch port?” I shout in the park to absolutely no one. Basically, a game with such a storied history, so much reverence, and this darn good should be on the Nintendo Switch, a console packed with new and classic JRPGs from loads of different developers.

Of all those devs, Square Enix loves putting out JRPGs, especially on Switch, yet has somehow ignored the idea of a Chrono Trigger Switch port. So, we explore all the hints below of anything like that happening. Check out our Twilight Princess Switch, Wind Waker Switch, and GTA V Nintendo Switch port pontifications for even more pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams.

Is there a Chrono Trigger Switch port?

At the time of writing, there’s not a Chrono Trigger Switch port. There’s no official word from Square Enix about the game coming to Nintendo’s hit hybrid console, so we can neither confirm nor deny whether it’s in the works. Though we can do some conjecture, which is always fun, so grab that below.

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Will there be a Chrono Trigger Switch port?

While there’s no hard evidence of a Chrono Trigger Switch port, it seems like something that makes sense for multiple reasons. Firstly, the Nintendo Switch is home to countless excellent JRPGs, new and old, like Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Romancing Saga, Bravely Default, and Chrono Cross (which you can read all about in our Chrono Cross remaster review).

What do all those games have in common? Oh, they’re all from Square Enix, a company that just loves to put stuff on the Nintendo Switch. It’s also the company that owns Chrono Trigger. So where the hell is it?

Well, it’s not impossible it’s getting a proper remaster in the HD-2D style of Octopath, as Dragon Quest III is currently. Yet, the original DQIII is already on Switch anyway, so I don’t see why Square Enix can’t just do both. Still, after the botched PC remaster (that was basically just the mobile port), I don’t mind Square taking its time with this one.

Anyway, that’s all the Chrono Trigger Switch possibilities I can muster for one day. For more fantasising, check out our Madden Nintendo Switch, Elden Ring Switch, and Ocarina of Time Switch pages to see how likely those excellent games are.