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Cuphead Mugman’s personality, playstyle, and more

Cuphead’s Mugman is more than just Cuphead’s porcelain pal. Learn all about the cheeky cup, including his personality, playstyle, and more

Cuphead Mugman: key art shows a blue mug character called Mugman, against a yellow background

It must be hard when your game gets its name from your best friend. If I find out I’m actually in a game called Dan, not Nathan, I’ll flip out. Despite it all, Cuphead’s Mugman is a chirpy cup in his own right and a loyal pal to the eponymous receptacle. So, find out all about him in our guide to his personality, style, and so much more.

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Alright, it’s time to lift the cup of knowledge and take a sip from our Cuphead Mugman guide.

Cuphead Mugman: a screenshot from the Cuphead Show sees Mugman sat in a cinema seat, with a light shining on him

Who is Cuphead’s Mugman?

Mugman is a cup with a blue hue and is the younger brother of Cuphead, the star of the game by the same name. As well as being blue instead of red, Mugman has a shorter straw than his brother, a much bigger nose, and lives alongside Cuphead and their family on Inkwell Isle.

Cuphead Mugman: a screenshot from the Cuphead Show shows Cuphead with Mugman's head in his arms

What is Cuphead Mugman’s personality?

A bit more cautious and thoughtful, many consider Mugman to be the sensible one of the two Cuphead brothers. While both of them are playful and, at times, immature, Mugman is much more of a worrier than his sibling. However, sometimes despite the fact that he has a more cowardly nature, Mugman always stands up for his brother and is happy for Cuphead to drag him along on their many adventures.

Cuphead Mugman:

What is Cuphead Mugman’s playstyle?

Despite some differences in their appearance, Mugman and Cuphead control exactly the same, and with the latest update, you can also choose whether to play as Mugman or Cuphead even in single-player. Like Cuphead, Mugman has access to several different abilities that augment the way he shoots, jumps in the air, and dashes forward.

How you control either Cuphead or Mugman is entirely up to you, as you can adjust the bullets to home in on enemies, shoot at three different angles, or fire in a straight line. Explore Inkwell Isle and find coins to purchase more abilities from Porkrind to change your Mugman playstyle.

Cuphead Mugman: a screenshot from The Cuphead Show sees Cuphead and Mugman dipping biscuits into the cups on each others heads

Who voices Mugman in The Cuphead Show?

In The Cuphead Show, Frank Todaro voices Mugman, who some fans may recognise from his many iconic voice roles. Frank is behind Starscream in several Transformers animated shows and video games, Nelucce in Fire Emblem Engage, Randolph in Rune Factory 5, Rodrigo in Dragon Quest: Your Story, and much more.

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