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Rage of Demon King tier list June 2024

With our Rage of Demon King tier list ranking all the heroes in the Demon Slayer gacha game, you’re sure to build a fantastic team for the idle battles.

Rage of Demon King tier list: a host of characters from Demon Slayer

Anyone who’s a fan of the hit anime Demon Slayer should take a look at our Rage of Demon King tier list and see who the best units are to take into battle. If you didn’t get who you want, then we’ve got a Rage of Demon King reroll guide in here too. All our favorites are here including Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro himself. Rage of Demon King is available on the App Store for iOS.

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Rage of Demon King tier list

Rank Characters
S Giyu, Kyojuro, Tanjiro, Gyokko, Gyomei, Hashira Shinobu
A Hashira Shinobu, Daki, Inosuke, Zenitsu, Sakonji, Gyutaro, Tamayo, Yahaba, Genya, Nezuko academy version, Sabito mask version, Inosuke mask version, Kyojuro, Kyojuro Fire Pillar, Nezuko oni version, Tanjiro water breathing version, Akaza, Muichiro
B Mitsuru, Tengen, Shinobu, Sabito, Enmu, Rui, Makomo, Susamaru, Yushiro, Inosuke academy version, Nezuko child version, Genya later version, Tanjiro dance version, Shinobu academy version, Giyu academy version, Zenitsu sleep version, Rui lower rank five, Enmu lower rank one,
C Tanjiro training version, Makomo mask version, Murata, Demon Slayer member, Goto, Oni Pawn, Aoi
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How do I perform a Rage of Demon King reroll?

Sometimes, gacha pulls go awry, and we end up with characters we have no intention of using. If this happens, you can reroll your account to get new pulls. Simply follow these steps:

  • Close Rage of Demon King
  • Head to the game’s settings and clear the cache and game data on your device
  • Relaunch the game
  • Pull again!

Hopefully, you can snag who you want this time around.

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