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Cyber Rebellion tier list

Use our Cyber Rebellion tier list to find the best characters available in this cyberpunk adventure, where hero collecting is key to success.

Cyber Rebellion tier list - woman wearing a devil mask on a rooftop at night

Starting a new game is hard – not to worry, our up-to-date Cyber Rebellion tier list can help you choose which characters to prioritize when tackling enemies in Skyfall City. The game is a cyberpunk-themed strategy game involving plenty of heroes to collect. So who are the best characters? Read on to find out.

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Cyber Rebellion tier list

Here is our Cyber Rebellion tier list, ranking all available characters from S tier all the way down to D.

Rank Cyber Rebellion character
S Leyva – Starring Diva, Lindsay – Vermillion Dawn, Saki – Byakko, Saki – Suzaku, Taki – Seiryu, Noam – Ember in Ashes
A Amy – Foamy Sweet Dream, Candido – Duke Silver, Candido – Iron Fist, Catherine – Dirty Gold, Eric – Death Eye, Frost – Fortress, Frost – Omen, Frost – Ranger, Frost – Vanguard, Leyva – Ghost, Morgan – Vicious Rose, Pastoral – Data Hub, Pastoral – Hound of Doom, Saki – Zagentsu, Seer – Oracle
B Candido, Candido – Jet Boxer, Candido – Jab, Candido – Tarantula, Frost, Frost – Assault, Frost – Master Chief, Frost – Tyrant, Leyva – Neuromancer, Leyva – Pixel Beats, Leyva – Zealody, Lindsay – Graffiti, Lindsay – Ambilight, Lindsay – Metal Panic, Lindsay – Speed to Burn, Rik – The New Order, Rik – Raiden, Rik – Striker, Saki, Saki – Arashi Kiru, Saki – Kitsunemen, Saki – Sakuragari
C Candido – Barrage Fortress, Leyva, Lindsay, Lindsay – Aquila, Pastoral, Pastoral – Augmentor, Pastoral – Plague Huntress, Pastoral – Stinger, Rik – Alpha Wolf, Rik – Amagi Guard, Rik – Gunblade, Vera – Force of Nature
D Leyva – Intern, Pastoral – Agents, Rik, Victor – Prosthetic Doctor
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How do I perform a Cyber Rebellion reroll?

If you didn’t get the character you wanted, you can reroll your account to try again – though it takes some time to do. To start again from scratch, follow these steps:

  • Open up Cyber Rebellion on your device
  • As you first log in, play the game as a guest
  • Make your way through the tutorial stages until you get your summons
  • Make your pulls to see who you get
  • If you don’t get who you want, quit the game, clear the cache, and delete the game’s data on your phone
  • Then, repeat!

It may take a couple of tries, but you should get exactly who you want out of the gacha system.

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