Cyber Rebellion codes December 2023

With Cyber Rebellion codes you can get coins, keepsakes, and skill codes to help give you an edge in battle when you head into the Otherworld.

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December 8, 2023: We checked for new Cyber Rebellion codes

If you want to defeat those pesky invaders in the Otherworld, you need our Cyber Rebellion codes guide. Here, you can get all manner of freebies such as tesseracts, keepsakes, neurocons, coins, and more, all of which you can use to strengthen your team and take the fight to your enemy.

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Cyber Rebellion codes

Active codes:

  • CYBERFUTURE – ten tesseracts
  • CR777 – two tesseracts and 20k secured coins
  • CRSSS7 – 60 neurocons
  • CRCCC7 – free assault skill code V20
  • CRLLL7 – keepsake: smiling mask
  • CRRRR7 – ten tesseracts

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What are Cyber Rebellion codes?

Cyber Rebellion codes are a great way to get handy in-game items that can give you an edge in battle. The developer, Neocraft, tends to offer new codes to coincide with events, so make sure you bookmark this guide and check back regularly to avoid missing out on all the good stuff.

How do I redeem Cyber Rebellion codes?

To redeem Cyber Rebellion codes, you need to:

  • Launch Cyber Rebellion
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Go to gift code
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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