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Da Piece codes

Ahoy there. Get a piece of these awesome Da Piece codes, full of epic goodies to make your journey across the seven seas of Roblox a real adventure to remember

Da Piece promo image showing two characters and a dragon

Roblox is full of awesome experiences. It can take you on all sorts of wild adventures without ever having to leave your home – and Da Piece certainly delivers on this front, as well as offering a healthy dose of One Piece goodness for all fans of the hit anime. Sail the seven seas in search of treasure as you uncover mysteries, growing stronger with each island you traverse.

Of course, even the best pirates need a helping hand now and then – and that’s where we come in. With our Da Piece codes, you’ll never falter on the seas, and your journey’s bound to be a breeze. Offering heaps of cash, beli, exp, and more, there be treasures in these here waters! We’ll update this guide as new codes drop, so be sure to check back from time to time to keep up to date with all the latest Da Piece goodies.

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Da Piece codes

Active codes:

  • S3A_B3ASTS – 30k beli
  • L3GENDARY_FRU1T – small exp reward
  • BLOX_FRUITS – 15 minutes of double exp
  • C0NFUSEDLUFFY – beli
  • CHARM1NGSANJ1 – skill reset
  • P0VMAU1 – beli
  • SYRUPV1LLAG3 – 15,000 beli
  • L1TTL3GARD3N – 50,000 beli
  • DRUM1SLAND – stat reset
  • BR00KSB0N3S – double exp
  • B0SSK0BY – double exp
  • J0YB0Y – stat reset
  • R0BLUCC1AFURRY – double exp
  • 2KL1KESWOOOHOOO – double exp
  • K1NG0FP1RAT3Z – 50,000 Beli
  • B1GMERA – stat reset
  • YAM1YAM1 – double exp
  • NEWUPDAT30N3 – stat reset
  • 0N3P13C3 – 10,000 Beli
  • G0LDG0LDG0LD – 25,000 Beli
  • PH03N1X – stat reset
  • NAM1SG0LD – 30,000 Beli
  • US0PPSN0SE – stat reset
  • EV1LMAR1NE – stat reset
  • G0LD3NP1RAT3 – weapon with skill
  • B0SSP1RATE – skill points reset
  • TREASUR3 – skill points reset
  • 1KL1K3SYEAH – 10k cash
  • M0NK3YDLUFFY – skill point reset
  • AC3 – 5,000 cash
  • G0LDR0G3R – 1,000 exp
  • K1NGTANK13 – rewards
  • B1GR3S3T – stat reset
  • Launch0N3 – 30k beli

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired Da Piece codes

Da Piece codes - a Roblox character approaching a fiery dragon

What are Da Piece codes?

Da Piece codes are freebies given out by the developer, Handsome Studios, to help you on your seafaring adventures, and can take the form of free cash, EXP, beli, stat resets, and more. Handsome Studios usually release new codes to celebrate fresh updates or when the game hits a certain milestone, such as likes or downloads. So be sure to add the game to your favourites and check back here from time to time for more Da Piece codes.

How do I redeem Da Piece codes?

Redeeming codes in Da Piece is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Open Da Piece in Roblox
  • Tap the menu button on the side of the screen
  • Go to settings
  • Enter your code into the ‘Redeem Code Here’ textbox
  • Hit enter
  • Enjoy your rewards!

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