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Become the new Slipknot member with iconic masks in Dead By Daylight

Perhaps you’re bored of Dead By Daylight’s current headgear - look no further than the Slipknot Collection to upgrade your wardrobe.

Artwork of the Dead by Daylight slipknot masks and full outfits in the game

Hello, all you maggots. If you’re fans of horror games and loud rumbly music, this one’s for you. The latest collaboration on our radar is the Dead by Daylight and Slipknot mask collection, and we’re excited to don them.

Corey Taylor and co’s longstanding metal band, Slipknot, enter into another game after successful appearances in Smite, having their music in many iconic games and working on their own ‘Knotverse’ – a hub for gaming and the metaverse.

The Slipknot Collection is now available in Dead By Daylight, where you can grab eight masks modeled after all the current members’ preferred costumes. Now I’m just waiting on some Slipknot Fortnite skins as that would be simply excellent.

As for who can wear these new cosmetics, you can equip them on the Wraith, Deathslinger, Doctor, Clown (of course), Hillbilly, Blight, and Trapper. But the Legion gets a full outfit, not just a mask, so that’s fun if you prefer that Dead By Daylight killer.

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It’s no secret that horror and heavy metal go hand in hand, and Slipknot’s latest crossover proves that further. Perhaps in the future, we’ll see them come to more games – like Fortnite – or other surprise collaborations with mobile multiplayer games.

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