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Decapolice release date window, platforms, and trailer

The Decapolice release date window is in 2024 so we’re here to tell you all you need to know about Level 5’s upcoming crime-solving RPG.

Decapolice release date: A blond man in a red coat surrounded by blue electricity

If you love a good RPG that embraces some criminal investigation, you probably want to know when the Decapolice release date is. We certainly do, as the brilliant team behind the Professor Layton series, Level 5, is the developer of Decapolice. If you’re familiar with the Layton videogames, you already know that Decapolice is likely to offer some crime-solving goodness.

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Let’s take a look at what we know about the Decapolice release date window.

Decapolice release date window

At Level 5 Vision 2023 II in November 2023, the developer confirmed the Decapolice release date window is set for 2025 after the game was originally intended to release in 2023. We don’t know much more than that, but as soon as we have more information, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

Is there a Decapolice trailer?

Yes, there’s a Decapolice trailer, and we suggest you watch it to get a better look at the world and what you can expect from it. Honestly, we can’t deny it, we’re excited for this one. We love a good detective game at Pocket Tactics.

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What are the Decapolice platforms?

Nintendo Switch players are in luck as the RPG is coming to the console. Decapolice is also set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, so you do have a couple of options if you don’t have a Switch. For the time being, those are the only confirmed platforms, but should iOS and Android end up on that list, we’ll let you know.

What is Decapolice?

Decapolice is a crime-suspense RPG in which you step into the shoes of Harvard, a rookie detective who has his work cut out for him in a crime-riddled city. As you can likely guess, this open-world RPG asks you to explore the city and hunt down criminals. Who knows what good-for-nothing thugs you might come across, just make sure you make them realize that crime doesn’t pay.

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