All the Deepwoken weapons and how to use them

There are nearly 100 Deepwoken weapons to explore and master, so we’re here to list them out neatly for you and explain their different pros and cons.

Deepwoken weapons: Two shadowy characters from Deepwoken, one with white horns and one with blue hair and a spear.

Roblox Deepwoken is a hardcore fantasy RPG that can be pretty intimidating to newcomers. Trying to build your first character is a challenge, but our list of all the Deepwoken weapons is here to let you know the benefits of all the different weapon types.

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Here’s everything in our guide to all Deepwoken weapons:

Deepwoken weapon stances

In Deepwoken, you can switch between one-handed and two-handed fighting stances depending on your weapon loadout. One-handed stance allows you to recover increased posture from parrying and use off-hand weapons like shields, guns, and parrying daggers, but you deal less posture damage in return. In two-handed stance, you recover less posture from parrying but benefit from increased swing speed and harder-hitting parries.

Deepwoken light weapons

Light weapons are exclusively used in one-handed stance, so consider this when preparing your build. The weapons in this category are daggers, rapiers, fists, and guns. Light weapons are great if you value higher attack speed but aren’t well-equipped for high damage or long range.


  • Stiletto
  • Gilded Knife
  • Silver Dagger
  • Canor Fang
  • Whaling Knife/Alloyed Whaling Knife
  • Champion’s Dagger
  • Central Dirk
  • Tanto/Alloyed Tanto
  • Nemit’s Sickle
  • Flareblood Kamas
  • Krulian Knife
  • Kyrsedge


  • Fist (Way of Navae/Legion Kata)
  • Iron Cestus
  • Legion Cestus
  • Jus Karita
  • Flamekeeper Cestus
  • Light’s Final Toll
  • Drakemaw Gauntlets


  • Silversix
  • Flintlock (offhand)
  • Revolver (offhand)
  • Dragoon (offhand)


  • Quickfang
  • Apprentice Rapier
  • Inquisitor’s Thorn
  • Crucible Rapier
  • Skullpiercer (Hallowtide event exclusive)
  • Kyrstreza

Deepwoken weapons: A Roblox character getting shot

Deepwoken medium weapons

Medium weapons provide a source of balance in your build, allowing for both one-handed and two-handed stances and a combination of speed and damage. The weapons in this category are swords, spears, clubs, and rifles.


  • Sword
  • False Memory
  • Messer/Alloyed Messer
  • Falchion/Alloyed Falchion
  • Scimitar
  • Katana
  • Worshipper Longsword
  • Officer Saber
  • Vigil Longsword/Alloyed Vigil Longsword
  • Champion’s Sword
  • Cavalry Saber
  • Shotel/Alloyed Shotel
  • Warden Ceremonial Sword
  • Razor Cutlass
  • Forgotten Gladius
  • Serpent’s Edge
  • Hallowscleave (Hallowtide event exclusive)
  • Kyrsblade
  • Shattered Katana


  • Irontusk
  • Iron Spear
  • Gremorian Longspear/Alloyed Gremorian Longspear
  • Ritual Spear
  • Acheron’s Warspear
  • Trident Spear/Alloyed Trident Spear
  • Serrated Warspear
  • Rifle Spear
  • True Seraph’s Spear
  • Kyrsglaive


  • Mace
  • Sacred Hammer


  • Summer Rifle
  • Rosen’s Peacemaker
  • Iron Blunderbuss

Deepwoken weapons: A Roblox character holding a molten sword with runes on it while looking down on an environment.

Deepwoken heavy weapons

Greathammers, greataxes, and greatswords all fall into the category of heavy weapons. They all require a two-handed stance unless you have a specific Deepwoken talent, and are slow but have increased range. Plus, if you parry an attack with a heavy weapon you get a stack of Hyper Armor.


  • Battleaxe
  • Halberd/Alloyed Halberd
  • Adretian Axe
  • Canorian Axe/Alloyed Canorian Axe
  • Iron Birch
  • Evanspear Hand Axe
  • Night Axe
  • Master Hawk’s HandAxe
  • Relic Axe
  • Enforcer’s Axe
  • Skyreap Blade (Hallowtide event exclusive)


  • Avenger
  • Zweihander/Alloyed Zweihander
  • Markor’s Inheritor
  • Crescent Cleaver/Alloyed Crescent Cleaver
  • Darksteel Greatsword/Darkalloy Greatsword
  • Inquisitor’s Straight Sword
  • First Light
  • Kyrscleave
  • Railblade
  • Enforcer’s Blade


  • Steel Maul/Alloyed Steel Maul
  • Forge Greathammer
  • Great Maul
  • Pale Morning
  • Petra’s Anchor
  • Enforcer’s Hammer
  • Hivelord’s Hubris

Deepwoken weapons: A Roblox character in an animal skull mask sat at a table

Deepwoken elemental weapons

Elemental weapons as they currently stand in Deepwoken are medium or heavy weapons that scale using a specific elemental stat. However, they don’t always do elemental damage, so keep this in mind when constructing your build.

  • Hero Blade of Flame
  • Hero Blade of Lightning
  • Hero Blade of Frost
  • Hero Blade of Wind
  • Hero Blade of Shadow
  • Stormseye
  • Gran Sudaruska
  • Curved Blade of Winds
  • Crypt Blade
  • Ignition Deepcrusher

Deepwoken offhand weapons

Offhand weapons and tools are what they sound like – equipment that you can use in your off-hand when using a one-handed stance. These include shields and tools, plus some of the guns mentioned earlier.


  • Targe
  • Old World Greatshield
  • Kite Shield
  • Worshipper’s Shield
  • Ethiron Curseshield
  • Khan Shield
  • The Path’s Defender


  • Parry Dagger
  • Kyrstear

That’s everything you need to know about Deepwoken weapons. Check out our Deepwoken oaths guide to get more information for your build, or try something new with our Honkai Star Rail tier list.