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Defense Derby tier list and reroll guide

With our Defense Derby tier list you can not only discover who the best heroes are, but what units you should bid for in this betting royale tower defense game.

Defense Derby tier list key showing various characters

Wondering what units to aim for in Krafton’s tower defense mobile game? Well, we can help you with our Defense Derby tier list. Here not only do we rank the individual heroes that want to lead you to victory, but the hero units that you can bid for to help defend your castle. This is war, so you need to bet your chips on the right horse, as it were.

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Anyway, let’s discover who the best characters are in our Defense Derby tier list.

The important thing to remember with our tier list is that, although we rank them here, that shouldn’t deter you from using units that you like. Just because we put something in rank D doesn’t mean you can’t use it over an S-rank character should you choose to.

Defense Derby tir list - key art showing the heroes

Defense Derby heroes tier list

Rank Defense Derby characters
S Scarlet, Elgry, Nalyn, Leon
A Osborn, Merham
B Gruvo
C Seria, Aella

Defense Derby units tier list

Rank Defense Derby characters
S Mammoth-Bomber, Paladine, Amazon, Viking, Gargoyle Bomber, Divine Warden, Wizard
A Dendroid-Warrior, Rifleman, Windy, Valkyrie, Minotaur, Venomvine Witch, Floral Mage, Cannon Master, Wendigo, Pygmy-Yeti
B Frost Mage, Lupine-Berserker, Meow Mage, Golem, Mermaid, Harpy
C Archer, Owlmancer, Salamander, Cold bow

How do I perform a Defense Derby reroll?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reroll in Defense Derby. However, that’s not a bad thing, given the game gives you Scarlet straight out the gate, and she’s currently one of the best heroes in the game.

There you have it, our Defense Derby tier list. For more great games, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs – there are many grand adventures out there.