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Dungeon Hunter 6 codes

Check out our guide for all the new Dungeon Hunter 6 codes to grab some cash, summoning scrolls, and many more boosts to use in the game.

Dungeon hunter 6 codes - three characters dressed in heavy armor holding weapons

Gameloft’s latest entry into the Dungeon Hunter franchise is here, and that means one thing – Dungeon Hunter 6 codes for you to redeem. Become a bounty hunter and take on perilous adventures in search of greatness, while beating back the powers of evil in a hack-and-slash setting.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 codes

Here are all the new Dungeon Hunter 6 codes:

  • HAPPY2024 – free rewards
  • SHAMAN – free rewards
  • DH6THANKS – free rewards
  • DHSPUMPKIN – free rewards
  • HALLOWEEN – free rewards
  • BLUESTACKS – Ten basic enhancement stones, ten Unknown summoning scrolls, and 250k gold
  • DH6666 – Ten Unknown summoning scrolls and 100k gold
  • DH6DH6 – Ten Unknown summoning scrolls, 50 diamonds, and 100k gold

How to redeem Dungeon hunter 6 codes in the game

How do I redeem Dungeon Hunter 6 codes?

To redeem these codes in Dungeon Hunter 6, simply follow these steps. Note that the code function is not available right away, and you need to raise your level a bit first.

  • Open up Dungeon Hunter 6 on your device
  • Once you’re level 12, you can head to the ‘welfare’ menu
  • Then, hit the ‘gift code’ option
  • Paste or type in a code one at a time in the box
  • Hit OK and receive your freebies

There you have it – free items waiting in your inbox.

What are Dungeon Hunter 6 codes?

Gameloft and GOAT Games release codes at their discretion, so we don’t know the release schedule at the moment. Our list currently has codes that grant you summoning scrolls, cash, and diamonds, so it seems that future codes will offer much the same.

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