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Our top ten easy Minecraft houses

These are the best easy Minecraft houses to build if you're looking to begin building something simple in your very own sandbox world.

Easy Minecraft houses - a street full of tall Minecraft buildings

Are you trying to build an easy Minecraft house, but are stuck on how to start? Then this guide is perfect for you! It contains all types of easy houses, from modern houses to starter bases and houses matching their biome. Building can be a challenge, but this guide helps navigate you down the path to excelling at architecture and design in the world of Minecraft.

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Simple starter Minecraft house

This is the sort of house you’re gonna want to build early on, all it really needs space for is the basics, like your bed, crafting table, furnace, and storage options. However, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Using a more interesting range of blocks such as logs or contrasting colors of wood gives the building so much more depth.

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Minecraft cave house

A cave house is a great easy house to build in Minecraft as your interior spaces are naturally generated into the world. All that you need to do is block off the entrances and decorate the interior to your liking. Any cave house is possible with the infinitely different worlds of Minecraft. You can also personalize it, such as turning it into a hobbit-style house with cozy and winding wooden interiors and a circular entrance.

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Minecraft cobble castle

When you start a Minecraft world and begin mining, you’ll very quickly realize how fast your inventory fills up with cobblestone and other types of stone. Rather than throwing it away, you can easily utilize this by creating a castle built out of cobblestone. Finish your walls with watchtowers so you can keep on the lookout for any attacks from mobs or your friends.

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Converted village Minecraft house

This is a really simple one. All you need to do is pick a building in a village and add some of your own beautification. Perhaps you could build a second floor, a backyard, or flower beds around the windows. You’ll be able to properly settle into village life this way, and use the village farms, trading, and other resources to help you get by.

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Minecraft house on stilts

If you want an easy escape from mobs, then this house could be the one for you. Simply, find a body of water, build a small dock with a boat, then build up a platform to build your house on top of, away from any land. As long as you keep this well-lit and far enough from the mainland, then you should be much safer from any mobs.

The house you build here is up to you, but you can try to fit in with the maritime theme, such as having glass floors through to the water. It could even include a waterslide if you’re looking for something more fun.

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Minecraft hilltop house

Another way to stay safe from mobs is by building on top of a steep hill, such as a Savanna Plateau. You can build some walls to protect and claim your land, and use this for whatever you want. A useful tip here is to build with local materials. So if you’re in a Savanna biome, using acacia wood will match your surroundings the best.

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Minecraft treehouse

A great simple house idea is to build a treehouse! If you’re in the jungle this is easy as there’s no shortage of large trees. However, if you want more of a challenge, you can always build your own custom tree. Once you have a tree, build a way to climb to the top, then you can build your treehouse. It can be camouflaged in leaves to hide it and make it look as natural as possible.

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Minecraft farmhouse

Another interesting thing to do is to create your own farm. The crops and animals are a great source of food which is always valuable to you. A good thing about a farm is that you can add it to any house mentioned in this list. If you’re more skilled you could even use redstone to help you harvest your crops quickly.

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Minecraft flower house

If you want to build a cozy cottage in Minecraft, then use some blocks such as cherry blossom planks or flowering azaleas. The most important part of this is to use as many colors and foliage as possible which can be collected whenever you’re out exploring. You can have leaves climbing and spreading across the walls, anything to make the house seem as fairytale-like as possible.

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Modern Minecraft house

Last but not least, you can build an easy modern house. Use more plain blocks with less texture for this to create that sleek look. The biggest tips are to use more boxy and bold shapes and to have large windows and things that grab your attention. Including a green roof also adds to all of this in creating a futuristic modern house.

That rounds off our list of ten easy Minecraft houses to build. If you can build any of these with ease, then you are definitely on the way to becoming a pro builder in Minecraft. From here you should read our lists of the best sandbox games and best mobile games in 2023 for something new to play.