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Fat Simulator codes

With our Roblox Fat Simulator codes list, you must eat all the food and freebies you can handle on your quest to become the fattest virtual player

Fat Simulator codes - a fat avatar stood in front of trees and the moon glowing blue and holding a burger

April 11, 2023: We checked for new Fat Simulator codes

We love food. Do you love food? Of course you do, but there’s one little issue that plagues us all when it comes to those delectable treats, and that’s weight gain unless you have the metabolism of a god. Well, thanks to our Fat Simulator codes guide, you can eat as much as you like in the Roblox title. The aim of this game is simple, eat as much as you can to get as fat as you can.

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Fat Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • fat200 – fat points
  • burger190k – fat points
  • calories180 – crystals
  • couch170k – crystals
  • food160 – crystals
  • food100 – crystals
  • burger70k – cystals
  • calories60 – crystals
  • fatness90k – crystals and fat points
  • expexpexpevil – evil angel pet
  • couch50k – crystals
  • sunshines1 – sun sworn pet
  • candy – crystals and fat points

Expired codes:

  • fatness30k
  • burger10k
  • fat20

An avatar holding a burger and glowing blue

What are Fat Simulator codes?

Fat Simulator codes provide you with valuable in-game goodies courtesy of the developer, Cadlem, who tends to add new ones for each milestone hit. So if you want to stay up to date with the latest freebies, you’d best bookmark this page.

How do I redeem Fat Simulator codes?

Redeeming Fat Simulator codes is simple. You just have to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Fat Simulator 
  • Tap the codes button on the side of the screen
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

There you have it, all of the current Fat Simulator codes. For some less blocky entertainment, you can check out our picks for the best zombie games on mobile and Switch.