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FC 24 ultimate team guide

FC 24 ultimate team makes a return, so you can build your dream squad and get all the latest FC 24 FUT tips and tricks needed to take on the best out there.

Screenshot of Vini Jr's base card in FUT for FC 24 ultimate team guide

FC 24 ultimate team is back for another season of high-octane online action, with EA making a few changes to the popular game mode following its split with FIFA. In this guide, we’ve got everything you need to know about FC 24 FUT, including some details on how to put your first team together and make the most of the transfer mark. So, let’s kick off, shall we?

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What is FC 24 ultimate team?

FC 24 ultimate team is a unique game mode where you build a squad via a deck-building mechanic. Here, you manage a team in a distinct way versus FC 24’s career mode. You can open packs of players with in-game currency (hoping for some great FC 24 wonderkids), trade for different cards with other players, and make your dream line-up with the highest EA FC ratings. You then take that team head-to-head with other players, whether in a one-off match or a multiplayer league.

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What’s new in FC 24 ultimate team?

The biggest mechanical change to FC 24 ultimate team is the addition of evolutions. Evolutions change the way your squad changes over time, allowing you to improve and customize players for the first time in FUT.

You can level up lower-rated players, tweak them with additional skill moves, adjust work rates, and upgrade their weak foot. You get visual upgrades as your players develop, so your opponent knows what changes you’ve made – by the end of the year, following numerous evolutions, you might have a player that no one else does. There are various restrictions and challenges around evolutions, but fundamentally, it gives you more control over your squad than ever.

Another excellent addition is the other half of The World’s Game – women’s football is now part of FC 24 FUT. Both men and women can play together in the same team, increasing the player pool by around 1600 players, and bringing superstars into the fray, something long overdue. Of course, some numpties have caused a fuss about the idea of women and men playing together on the same pitch, but we think it’s great – and can’t wait to build the ultimate team (just a one-to-one recreation of the Lionesses).

FC 24 ultimate team header showing Marta, Brazilian footballer with black hair wearing a purple shirt, with her gold card next to her showing her name and profile.

There are also playstyles, letting you build a squad based on how they actually play on the pitch, with unique abilities and a more authentic experience. PlayStyles introduce a brand new dynamic to Ultimate Team that goes beyond overall ratings, allowing you to build your squad based on your knowledge of the players – and how they actually play on the pitch.

Objectives make a return, too, with Objective Groups organized in different tabs, alongside themed backgrounds and other tweaks. For example, you can claim all your objective rewards at once, now, something that really should’ve been implemented far earlier.

There have been smaller tweaks to item designs, club search, menus, and a whole lot more. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Switch Ultimate Team transfer market doesn’t feature crossplay with other consoles, so it might be slim pickings to what you’re used to if you’re coming from PlayStation or Xbox.

There you have it, our FC ultimate team guide. If you prefer your soccer with an anime twist, check out our Blue Lock PWC codes guide and Blue Lock PWC tier list.