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FFBE tier list

Our FFBE tier list ranks all of the available characters so you can find out which Final Fantasy Brave Exvius units are worth using.

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We’ve put together an FFBE tier list that ranks all of the available characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Of course, some are incredibly powerful and are sure to serve you well, while others are best left on the sidelines. In this guide, we also cover how to perform a Final Fantasy Brave Exvius reroll.

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Without further ado, here’s our FFBE tier list.

FFBE tier list

With so many characters on our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list, you want to concentrate your efforts on finding those in S-tier. A- and B-tier champions can get the job done too, but if you want to be the best of the best, avoid using any we rank C-tier or lower.

Tier FFBE characters
S Ignis, Qin, Ibara (Morale), Tide Bringer Kaito (Morale), Lightning (FFXIII-2), Paladin Cecil, Rikku (FFX-2), Louise (Morale), Angel Of Death Kuja, Nichol Of The Epsilon Star, Olivera (Morale), Storm Seeker Esther (Morale), Rena, Wylk (Morale), Warrior Of Dawn Galuf, Skye (Morale), Alphonse Elric, Frostblade Fryevia, Samurai Chizuru (Morale), Seeker Of Freedom Vaan, Awakened Warrior Of Light, Samurai Chizuru, Lunafreya, Hallowed Aegis Charlotte, Dioxus, Sacred Shield Charlotte, Reberta and Ignitos, Lucas, Storm Seeker Esther, Healing Avatar Lid, Frostblade Fryevia (Morale), White Knight Noel
A Guy, Flame Of Rebirth Jake, Wylk, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Fledgling Warrior, Noel, Starlight Elena (Morale), Chow, Daughter Of Destiny Vanille, Hero Dai, 2b, Maeve, Aerith, Wildcard Ace, Dancing Heart Penelo, Folka, Zenaida, Sakura and Ayaka, Poppy (Warrior’s Prayer), Kaktiria, Dark Rain, Dark Fina (Warrior’s Prayer), Doctor Aiden, Runda, War Hero Raegen, Lehftia (Warrior’s Prayer), Knights Of Grandshelt, Triumphant General Celes, Kitone, King Behemy, Tide Bringer Kaito, Olivera, Full Moon Karten, Rico Rodriguez, A.I. Katty, Shoreline Fina and Daisy, Dragoon Kain, Yuraisha, Angela, Regis, Adventurer Locke, Noppy (Morale), Sylvando, Grahf, Summer Fina and Lid, Ygni (Morale), Whimsical Winter Tiana (Morale), Paladin Sylvie, Ricard and Wyvern, Sylvie, Emperor Foo, Myra, Starlight Elena, Garland (FFIX), Warrior Of Light Lenna, Sieghard and Ignacio, Dragon Knight Baran, Immortal Hyunckel, Sweet Luka, Elephim, Mage Popp, Sieghard, Divine Beast Chow, Olberic, King Of Leonis Mont, Kryla, Taivas, Benevolent Beauty Rem, Superior Being Hadlark, Umbral Dragon Dark Fina, Lara Croft (Neo Vision), Reberta and Ignitos
B Bulwark and the Melodic Mascots, Sieghard, Avalanche’s Tifa, Elena, Machina, Songstress Yuna, Cid, Gabranth (Neo Vision), Serena, White Dragon Ling, Haveh, Wilhelm, Sacred Shield Charlotte, Xuan Wu and Qing Long, Rakish Thief Zidane, Sol (Neo Vision), Lasswell (FFIV Form), Beatrix, Marilith, Sol, Cleome, Beach Buoy Shinju, Warrior Of Dawn Dorgann, Ice Reaper Kurasame, Summer Sniper Physalis, Summoner Yuna, Guardian Blade Charlotte, Untamed Wolf Edel, Akstar (The Return), Auron, Solitary Patron Snow, Dragonlord, Mazurka, Madam Edel, Dark Spirit Sol, Royal Puppeteer Aphmau, Quistis, Lone Lion Squall, Fei, Emperor Of Palamecia, Kall, Adam Jensen, Lara Croft (Neo Vision), Tulien Debuffer, Diverti, Legendary Guardian Auron, Mont Leonis, Cetra Descendant Aerith, Melia, Ygni, Nichol (The Return), Duran, Doma Samurai Cyan, Full Moon Karten, Rivera, Lezard Valeth, Id, Edward Elric, Slime, Skye, Ronso Warrior Kimahri, Four Winds Physalis, Fina (The Return), Summer Fina and Lid, Laguna, Legendary Hero Sephiroth, Beryl, Martial Artist Maam, Lone Lion Squall, Infernal Fire Rain, Firion (Neo Vision), Supreme Deva Akstar, Riesz, Elena (Morale), Neverending Hope, Beowulf, Demon Rain, Seifer, Kimono Fina, Whimsical Winter Tiana, Gilgamesh (WOTV), Golden Rizer, Assassin Shadow, Rain (Warrior’s Prayer), Noppy, Mystical Ice Laswell, Raegen (The Return), Avalanche Leader Barret, Tifa (FFVII:AC), Basch, Mediena, Daisy, Kiros and Ward, Selphie, Immortal Hyunckel, Louise, Blue Mage Fina, King Bradley, Seaside Nichol, Yshe, Mercenary Ramza, Awakened Rain, Madam Edel (Neo Vision), Strange Gourmand Quina, Beast King Crocodine, Paus, Cloud Strife, Christine (Morale), Eldryn (Morale)
C Gilgamesh, Nyx, Crimson, Cobalt Blade Noctis, Summoner Lenna, Yunalesca, Elena, Al Bhed Girl Rikku, Citra, King Edgar Of Figaro, Vermilion Blade Ardyn, Emperor, Vlad, Irvine, Reberta, Awakened Dragon Akstar, King Of Destruction Zoma, Cressnik, Rinoa and Angelo, Sakura (The Return), Agent Olive, Roca, Kaktiria, Roy Mustang, Erik, Reno (FFVII Remake), Draconian Princess Fina, Riku (Khiii), Terra (Neo Vision), Dark Fina and Sol, Lotus Mage Fina, Graceful Champion Fang, King Bradley, Ninja Edge, Edward and Alphonse Elric, Beatrix, Ninja Master Hawkeye, Jecht, Oracle Maiden Lunafreya, Primrose, Lord Of the Seas Nichol, Assassin Shadow, Summoner Rydia, Kryle, Akstar and Cleome, Chorale, Morgana, Faris (Neo Vision), Rain and Fina, Rain (FFI Form), Star Player Tidus, Tifa, Star Playe Tidus, Machina, Zeno Of The Beta Star, Bart, Blue Sky Belle Fran, Warrior Of Light Bartz, Yoshikiri, Levinson, Queen, Zell, Barret (FFVII Remake), Christine, Lasswell and Raegen, Ardyn, Magic Mermaid Freesia, Bkunshira, Melo, Pure-Hearted Vivi, Ayaka, White Lily Dark Fina, Lehftia, Summer Folka and Citra, Black Mage Vivi, Aranea, Lightning-Fast Zidane, Sterne Leonis, Nagi, Shadow Lord, Vinera Fennes, Rain (Neo Vision), Dragon Knight Freya, Awakened Onion Knight, Zargabaath, Ilmatalle, Wizardess Shantotto, Kadaj, Physalis (Neo Vision), Yuraisha, Raegen, Alena and Marquis De Léon, Edgar of Figaro, Taivas and Yshe, Sora (Khiii), Cloud (FFVII:AC), Elly, Knight Of Pluto Zidane, Sage Of Thunder Sakura, Immortal Knight Garland, Blue Mage Fina
D Archmage Kefka, Rufus Shinra (FFVII Remake), Dark Knight Leon, Fina and Dark Fina, Yun, Serah, Prompto, Operative Zyrus, Untamed Wolf Edel, Lasswell (Neo Vision), Emperor, Veritas of the Dark, Lovely Katy, Pyro Glacial Lasswell, Blossom Sage Sakura, Esther, Sweet Nichol, Aerith (FFVII Remake), Balthier, Eiko, Jasper Unbound, Nalu, Cloud (FFVII Remake), Charlotte and Physalis, Red XIII, Palom and Porom, Physalis, Loren, Grim Lord Sakura, Ibara, Rab, Dark Knight Luneth, Infernal Fire Rain, Kurasame, Dark Fina, Onion Knight (Neo Vision), Onion Knight Refia, Eldryn, Monk Sabin of Kolts, Radiant Lightning, Aurora Fryevia, Aileen, Rem, Shui Yu, Jecht, Yego, Gladiolus, Livid Shantotto, Lucius, Hess King Lasswell, Fina and Dark Fina, Flammie, Ignacio, Balthier, Lightning, Locke (Neo Vision), Kairi (Khiii)
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How to perform a FFBE reroll

It’s important to get the best start you can in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and this means getting your hands on the best units possible, as early as you can. Fortunately, the game begins with you rolling for a character, but if you don’t get the one you desire, it’s all good. Just follow this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius reroll guide.

  • Create a throwaway account
  • Log in with the dummy account
  • Roll for your units
  • Logout if you’re not satisfied with it
  • Log back in with the throwaway account and repeat until you get the characters you want
  • When you’re happy with the units, you can bind the account with Facebook or Google through the options menu

There you have it, a complete FFBE tier list and FFBE reroll guide. If you’re after something new to play, you can look at our picks for the best mobile RPGs and best gacha games on iOS and Android.