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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo expeditions

In Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, chocobos can go on expeditions to bring you back loot that includes stamps, water ore, frost ore, and more.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo stables with a pink, yellow, green, and blue chocobo inside

We love to send all our favorite characters on Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo expeditions to pick up free items and learn special abilities in-game. You may remember Choco Bill from the original Final Fantasy 7, well, he returns in this mobile RPG to help you with your feathered friends and take all your gil.

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What are Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobos?

In Ever Crisis, you get to visit the chocobo stables when you reach player level 5. When you first arrive a worker named Chloe gives you a free chocobo and explains that you can use their stables to house it.

You can use Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobos to go on expeditions to pick up some extra items you can use on your characters. In different trailers you can see there are green, blue, yellow, pink, black, gold, and brown chocobo, more colors may appear at some point as well, but we can’t comment on that too much just yet. We’re unsure how you obtain different chocobos at the time of writing, but we’ll update this section with more details as soon as we have them.

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What are Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo expeditions?

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo expeditions allow you to send your feathered friends on adventures with one of your human characters. During their travels, chocobo can pick up items for you to use in-game, help you earn character exp, and also learn abilities to become more proficient at their tasks.

You can speed chocobo expeditions up with certain items and you’ll also be able to complete them faster depending on your chocobo’s level. We don’t have too much other information for you right now but stay tuned for more details soon.

Is there Final Fantasy Ever Crisis chocobo breeding?

At the moment we have no concrete information on if Final Fantasy Ever Crisis features chocobo breeding. If you played the original Final Fantasy 7, then you’re probably hoping for this feature. As soon as we know one way or the other we’ll update this section of our guide.

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