FFX Auron – abilities, weapons, armor, and stats

Here's everything you need to know about Final Fantasy X's Auron, including his weeapons, stats, armor, abilities and how to make the most of him.

FFX Auron in front of a blue background

With our FFX Auron guide, we aim to provide details on his weapons, armor, abilities, and stats so you know exactly what to expect when preparing Auron for battle. It’s fair to say that he’s more of a tank than other characters, especially in the game’s early stages as Final Fantasy X’s Auron begins with a generous health pool.

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Anyway, let’s take a look at FFX’s Auron.

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FFX Auron’s stats

As his stats indicate, Auron is a bit of a tank, both able to withstand large amounts of damage while also inflicting plenty of pain. However, Auron isn’t the most accurate party member in the early game, nor does he get on particularly well with magic.

Stat Starting value Sphere grid
HP 1030 4630
MP 33 153
Strength 20 56
Defence 15 37
Magic 5 11
Magic defence 5 13
Agility 5 17
Luck 17 18
Evasion 5 15
Accuracy 3 4

FFX Auron stood on a dock with Tidus

FFX Auron’s armor

Much like other party members, Auron has an item that serves as his armor. You can equip him with bracers, and it’s essential to make the right choice given they have varying stats and benefits, with some proving to be more beneficial than others.

There are plenty of bracers to choose from, including the following:

Armor Abilities
Overlord Breaks the HP and MP limits
Immortal Auto-potion, auto-med, auto-phoenix
Undefeated Any four status proof abilities
Collector bracer Master thief
Bracer of hope HP stroll, MP stroll
Assault bracer Protect, reflect, regen, auto-shell, haste
Shining bracer SOS shell, reflect, haste, protect, regen
Faerie bracer Any three status proof abilities
Peaceful bracer No encounters
Regen bracer Auto-regen or SOS regen
Crimson bracer Fire eater
Snow bracer Ice eater
Serene bracer Berserk ward/proof
Tetra bracer Four slot armour without abilities
Warrior’s bracer HP gets a boost of 20% or 30%
Metal bracer Defence increases by 3% or 5%
Pearl bracer Magic defence increases by 3% or 5%
Magic bracer MP gets a boost of 5% or 10%
Bracer One ability slot

FFX Auron victory pose in a green field

FFX Auron’s weapons

Auron’s weapon of choice is the katana, a long, pointy, and sharp sword that slices through the opposition like a hot knife through butter.

There are plenty to choose from, all of which offer varying benefits. Therefore, much like with armor, you need to consider what best suits your playstyle and how it benefits the approach you take to battle.

Here are some of Auron’s weapons we recommend:

Weapon Abilities
Masamune Auron’s celestial weapon
Starts with no AP
First upgrade has no AP and double overdrive
Second upgrade gives break damage limit, triple overdrive, first strike, counter-attack
Beastmaster Capture
Peacemaker Double overdrive, double AP
Muramasa Triple overdrive, triple AP
Matoya’s blade Magic booster
Inducer MP costs are cut in half
Corrupter Any three status strikes
Kotetsu Evade and counter, or counter-attack
Sonic blade First strike
Assassin blade Deathstrike
Fire blade Firestrike
Shiranui The weapon has four slots but no abilities
Spiritual blade Magic offense increases by 10% or 20%
Nodachi Attack increases by 10% or 20%
S-blade Distill speed
Thunder blade Lightningstrike
War blade Attack increases by 5%
Heaven’s cloud Break damage limit
Conqueror All four elemental strikes
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FFX Auron’s abilities

Abilities are a vital part of the combat system in any Final Fantasy title. Like his fellow heroes, Auron has plenty at his disposal, with his moves offering a range of benefits, from inflicting the zombie status on enemies, to lowering his opponent’s strength, and transferring his overdrive charge to fill his ally’s meter.

Ability Description
Power break Auron lowers the strength of his opponent
Guard Auron takes damage that was intended for an ally
Threaten Threaten is inflicted on an enemy
Mental break The opponent’s magic defense is lowered
Entrust Auron transfers his overdrive charge to an ally, filling their bar instead
Extract power Target can drop power spheres
Magic break The opponent’s magic stat is decreased
Armour break Lowers the defense of an opponent, and nullifies the armor status
Sentinel Auron protects his allies in a defensive stance
Zombie attack Auron inflicts the zombie effect on his enemy

As for Auron’s overdrive ability, he uses bushido. To perform the move successfully, you must correctly input a button sequence, failing to do so means Auron performs a normal move. If bushido is successful, additional attack power and status effects are added to Auron’s strike.

And that’s everything you need to know about Final Fantasy X’s Auron. If you’re after another adventure, check out our picks for the best Switch RPGs here. Though, if you prefer the spooky side of things, our Dead by Daylight codes, Dead by Daylight characters, Dead by Daylight movie, and Dead by Daylight killers guides might interest you.