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Billie Eilish arrives in Fortnite Festival today

The Fortnite Billie Eilish collaboration sees the What Was I Made For? singer follow fellow superstar Lady Gaga into Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite Billie Eilish key art showing the singer in green with unicrons behind her in front of a pink background

Billie Eilish is the next star to appear in Epic Game’s Fortnite Festival, a free-to-play music game the company added to its popular battle royale back in December 2023. The arrival of Eilish, a two-time Best Original Song Oscar winner for No Time to Die from the James Bond movie of the same name and What Was I Made For? from Barbie, respectively, shows that Epic has no intention of slowing down with its live service game mode.

As the third star to show up in the Fortnite Festival, Eilish follows in the footsteps of The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, both of whom have a repertoire of songs that players enjoy performing in the music game. It goes without saying that Billie Eilish also has an impressive library of songs that you’re bound to enjoy performing with your friends.

Billie Eilish herself confirmed her appearance on X, though X account HYPEX shared an allegedly leaked roadmap showcasing what you can expect from Fortnite this year (thanks, VGC), and the star appeared, so perhaps there’s some credit to the other rumors present in the leak.

If you’re to believe the other sections of the roadmap, you have the appearance of Jack Sparrow and Metallica to look forward to, as well as seasons that center on the apocalypse and Marvel, the latter of which is allegedly poised to feature the Fantastic Four. While Billie Eilish is appearing in Fortnite, it’s still wise to take the rest of these rumors with a pinch of salt, until there’s official confirmation.

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