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What’s this? New leaks say Jack Skellington is coming to Fortnite

Fortnitemares 2023 looks to have some exciting partnerships if recent leaks are to be believed, including Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloween.

Fortnite Halloween 2023, Jack Skellington and Zoro in front of a map

Fortnitemares is back once more, and it looks like Fortnite’s Halloween 2023 celebration is set to be a good one. Well, assuming recent leaks are accurate. You can never say for certain when it comes to speculation on the internet, but some very reputable leakers give reason to believe a Fortnite and The Nightmare Before Christmas collaboration is on the horizon.

Jack Skellington is by far one of the most recognizable faces when it comes to Halloween (as well as Christmas, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves), it’s honestly a surprise he doesn’t feature in more fun-filled collaborations with child-friendly horror games. Well, renowned Fortnite Leaker iFireMoonkey shared two images, one showcasing Jack, Zero, and his spooky sleigh. The idea of this is so exciting that our very own Holly is debating falling back down the Fortnite rabbit hole.

Though many people worldwide have loved Jack Skellington since The Nightmare Before Christmas released in 1993, many more still have nightmares of one terrifying individual, even 45 years after his first appearance. No, we’re not talking about Freddy Krueger (though wouldn’t it be fun to see him running around in Fortnite?), we’re talking about Michael Myers.

The Halloween icon also looks to be part of Fortnitemares 2023 if iFireMonkey is right. From the picture that the leaker shared on Twitter (X), the notorious killer, his famous butcher knife, and a jack-o-lantern with a knife are due to appear in the game.

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So, we have two potential characters from movies arriving in-game, but what about a videogame collaboration? Epic Games isn’t new to adding characters from other titles to Fortnite, after all. If Shiina, another reputable leaker, is to be believed, Alan Wake is also coming to the game. In a now-removed tweet (seen here thanks to Express), the leaker revealed Alan alongside Jack and Mikey. Honestly, with Alan Wake 2 due to release at the end of the month, this partnership makes complete sense.

When does Fortnitemares 2023 begin?

Fortnitemares 2023 is due to begin today, October 10, so we don’t have long to wait to see if these new leaks are the real deal.

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